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Whaddya Know? The New York Times Runs Correction About Susan Lucci Goof We Called 'Em On!

Remember a few weeks back when I put the New York Timeson blast for not even being able to mock daytime correctly? In their article about the premiere of Showtime's brilliant new series The United States of Tara the Times referenced Erica Kane's DID storyline on All My Children. The problem was, although Erica Kane has had multiple husbands, she's only had one personality. Here is the erroneous quote again for those who missed it:


“Sensitive” is not exactly a prescription for great comedy. Humorous takes on subjects like split personality are few and far between, and when they show up — for example, in the Farrelly brothers’ Me, Myself & Irene, starring Jim Carrey — they tend toward outrageous antics. Typically dissociative identity disorder is given a more sober treatment, as in the 1976 television movieSybil starring Sally Field or the 1957 melodrama The Three Faces of Eve with Joanne Woodward. Or it just veers into the land of the ludicrous, like soap operas


. (Susan Lucci, playing the diva Erica Kane on All My Children, wrestled with a bout of multiple personality disorder in the 1980s.)"

Well it looks like the Times made good, in running this correction:

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An article on Jan. 11 about the television show “United States of Tara,” whose protagonist has dissociative identity disorder (once known as multiple personality disorder), misidentified a soap opera character who has the illness and the actress who portrays her. Viki Lord Davidson, a character on ABC’s “One Life to Live” played by Erika Slezak, has the disorder — not Erica Kane, a character on ABC’s “All My Children” portrayed by Susan Lucci.

Let this be a lesson to you mainstream media. To properly mock daytime, you must at least know the basics. First Jayson Blair and now this! Get it together. Now then, I am back to the Savannah fan fic board, where I was busy scripting an exciting crossover romance between Peyton and Jeff from The Colbys.  Fallon is gonna be so effin pissed!