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Dorian Lord: Class or Trash?

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In the latest Nelson RatingsTV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco weighs in on an emerging debate over whether or not Dorian should have soaked David's cork. Here are his thoughts on the topic.


To say, I’m a little offended that certain critics and fans are upset that “classy” Dorian Lord gave David Vickers oral sex recently is a sloppy understatement. Why can’t classy women have adventurous sex lives? I know a lot who do. I find this whole uproar so sexist! No one was screaming bloody murder when Dorian drugged Charlie or stole a company, which was directly responsible for Nash’s death and the release of Jessica’s alters (nice move, Ron). Apparently, murder and highway robbery is classy, but showing intimacy with someone you love isn’t. My favourite definition of class translates into the ability to make anyone feel comfortable in any situation. And most of you should agree that oral sex computes with that definition! Or, so I hope you all do. Why are we such prudes in daytime? Especially in an industry where violence is acceptable. Anyway, don’t cry for La Strasser, I hear she loved it. Now, that’s a smart dame! And what idiot wouldn’t want a leg sandwich from Tuc Watkins (David)?

In case you didn't watch it, check out the video clip HERE.

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What do you think? Class or Trash?