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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 02.02.09


Are Johnny and Maxie doing the deed? We've SPECULATED a chem test for the pair (I actually think they're good together) BUT will they get the ultimate chem test with a roll in the hay? Are we in store for another GH Quad? I'm still pretty sure that Matt and Maxie will be teased/tested as well as Frons wants that Cook - Storms reunion. The LATEST RUMORS seem to suggest that Matt and Lulu will share some time together. Will the new quad be Lulu-Johnny-Maxie-Matt? What about Spinelli? It LOOKS like Winnie will be sticking around and don’t count out Ethan as the con man is RUMORED to be mixing it up with Lesley Lu Spencer as well.

Who is Ethan? Is he Dante? Is he tied to Port Chuck through his parental units? RUMORS are all over the place for the character of Ethan. I got a little chuckle out of one RUMOR that had Ethan as Frisco Jones’ son making him Maxie’s brother. While I would love to see Maxie with more family, I doubt Ethan is Frisco’s kid. EARLY RUMORS had the con’s family having history with Luke Spencer. The most popular THEORY is that Ethan is Dante.

Is Sam shooting someone? Jason tries to control an out of control man who is trying to get out of the hospital. Is Sam getting a little trigger happy? That’s a RUMOR out there. She is SUPPOSED to shoot someone in the arm but it’s not clear if it’s the day player getting shot or Jason. I’m going to ASSUME it’s the day player as Jason will be busy being hero. Should Sam be firing guns with gas seeping through the vents of GH? Will this be what sparks an explosion?

Anthony can walk and Trevor will find out. He’ll also figure out that Anthony was the one who shot Kate.

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The DVD is missing and Kate needs it. She’ll even beg her cousin to return to the boardroom to look for it. Too bad it’s gone. So is a toxic ball. Jason realizes that one of the four remaining spheres is missing from the Operating Room (OR). Who is the thief amongst the crisis?

Sonny and Carly trapped together in a crisis again. I realize there are still some die-hard Carson fans but do we really need these two trapped together during every crisis? Thankfully, nothing seems to point to them sleeping together. I should say, I do like Carly and Sonny but I also like Carly and Jax. Right now, I want more CarJax.

My wishes most likely will not be coming true as Carly and Jax share moments during the crisis but the RUMORS all point to an end for CarJax. Will this lead to a Carson reunion? Maybe. We’ve been talking about a storyline for a SORAS’d Michael for weeks now and it SEEMS to be the route they’re taking. The RUMORS surrounding the Michael wakes up story all say we SHOULD expect Carly and Sonny scenes that COULD lead to a reunion but will most likely lead to a triangle (as best as GH can produce a triangle) for Carly, Sonny and Claudia.

What about Kate? Where does she fit in? RUMORS have her believing that with ZaCrazy out of the picture, Kate feels she and Sonny can make things work. BUT as far as we know, Anthony isn’t going anywhere. We’re hearing that Kate Howard is going back to her bitchy roots and whatever plan she has, backfires on her. Is this referring to Claudia getting the goods on Kate so that Kate can’t spill Claudia’s secret?


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Lucky and Elizabeth are locking lips. Johnny and Nikolas are fighting. Spinelli gets to play hero but will he have to risk his life to do it? Lulu cries, Matt’s shoulder gets wet. Trevor’s death means a big payoff for Ric. Ethan is not Dante... they're waiting on someone else.

The new hospital set debuts in April. Just how long is this storyline going to go on for? RUMORS have it taking a better part of February and going into the March Sweeps story. Will General Hospital be out of the medical biz until April?