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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.03.09


Monica is sick too… Will someone help her recover? There’s a RUMOR out there that we MAY see Alan again as he’s the one to help Monica pull through.

Anyone else getting sick? There are plenty of RUMORS out there of more people falling ill from the toxin but also injured and/or missing due to the explosions and fires. The LATEST RUMOR is that Patrick is going to be ill. Doesn’t Patrick have enough to do already?

Will Claudia tell Sonny? Anthony wants her dead so she can’t tell her hubby he was the one who shot Kate. But will she be able to get the truth out? Looks like its happening and Sonny has his gun pointing in Anthony’s direction.

What about Claudia’s secret? I am still seeing RUMORS that Kate will be keeping her trap shut as Claudia blackmails her. Kate will have Olivia searching for that missing DVD. Now, where did that DVD go? There are RUMORS that Claudia almost gets her hands on that DVD but will it be Olivia who ultimately finds the DVD that could end Claudia’s life? That’s out there and that one says Olivia destroys the DVD thinking she’s doing what’s best for her cousin.

Sonny does right by Jason? No WAY! No WAY! When has Sonny ever done right by Jason? Sorry, I like Sonny at times but he quite possibly is the worst friend in the history of friends. RUMOR has it that Sonny will come through for Jason.

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Where’s the ball? Will Winnie and Spinelli be the ones to find the missing toxic ball? One RUMOR says Anthony has the missing ball. How in the world would ZaCrazy have that sphere? COULD it be that he does have the toxic ball? Is that how Sonny comes through for Jason by not shooting the man holding the toxin? Will it be Trevor who has the toxin? Remember, Trevor is still SUPPOSED to be dying but will he try to take everyone down with him as he threatens to drop the sphere off the roof of the hospital?

Rest in Peace Leyla Mir.
I know some Scrubbie fans that are happy to see her go.


Another rooftop evacuation? Can they come up with any original ideas? I’m sorry, I know I have been really down on General Hospital lately but come on; everything is something they’ve done before. Small problem with the plan… can helicopters land on the roof in the middle of a blizzard?

As I’ve mentioned… Carly and Sonny are once again in a crisis together. The former spouses will be trying to escape the burning hospital.

More Lucky and Liz reunion rammed down our throats… The pair will discuss the good old days as they rediscover their love for each other. The lip lock I mentioned yesterday will be witnessed by Sam as previously reported.

God help my Spixie love… The more scenes Johnny and Maxie have together, the more I really like them. Even the roomie chimed in with her endorsement for JoMax.

Nikolas, Nadine and Rebecca… Who’s saving who? Some RUMORS had Nikolas saving Rebecca, the promo showed Jason carrying Rebecca, the LATEST says Rebecca and Jason save Nikolas. What about Nadine? Where is she? She’s realizing that she has stronger feelings for Nikolas than he does for her. Really? In the middle of toxic balls, explosions and fires Nadine is coming to this realization?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… More back story for Matt? There’s a RUMOR that his ex-wife is coming to town. Michael… more and more it looks like he will be SORAS’d and the story to wake him up seems to be a go. IF it happens, Robin and Patrick will be involved. Is this how there is still some medicine going on while the hospital is under construction?