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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Apparently all you need to do to detoxificate yourself from this deadly poison is to take a shower with a giant loofah and a big black woman. Good to know.

Why are Matt and Layla sharing an ICU room, but Liz and Claudia get their own room? Wouldn’t it be far soapier if Monica and Liz were sharing a room, while Jason looks on, and Claudia and Kate were sharing a room with Anthony looking on?

Loved Tracy’s verbal smack down of all things Corinthos and I was actually hoping she’d actually start whaling on him.

Loved Anthony’s little wave as he was the next one removed from the room. Bruce Weitz just has a way about him.

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The idiot of the day award goes to Lucky, who, instead of staying out of harms way, in case something happens to Liz and he has to raise her kids, he sneaks in and contaminates himself. Good going. And talk about nailing the LuSam coffin with that one.

Kill me now, but I actually liked all things Johnny/Maxie. Maybe it’s because Johnny becomes a different person when he’s not in scenes with Lulu. Or maybe it’s because Kirsten Storms is a brilliant actress who brings out the best in all of her scene partners. I don’t want Maxie in a relationship with a mob prince, but if they make him a mechanic, could be interesting.

Foreshadowing moment of the day: Ethan mentions to Luke about not knowing who his dad is. So, either he’s Luke’s son by one of Luke’s many conquests, or he’s really Dante with a bad accent. Although why Dante would bother putting on an accent is beyond me.

Why would the person (NotEmily, I'm guessing) take only one of the toxic balls? Shouldn't she have taken them all?

So all the lead up we had, with Patrick and Raynor talking in the dark at the PCPD, where does that fit into the story as they’ve written it so far? Because, in hindsight, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.