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Goodbye Tony: The End of the DiMera Empire - 'Salute'

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Extra! Extra! Read All About It! - Thaao Penghlis is out as Tony DiMera on Days of Our Lives. One could now ask where this would leave several Days storylines - a show of drama, surrounded in drama. Does this spell the end of the true authentic DiMera empire? We have been privileged to see Tony and Stefano opposite eachother on screen for many years in the 80's and have since been reunited on screen in recent times. Rumour has it that Tony will leave the show in a 'blaze of glory' or big Salem murder mystery. I see the potential of this being a major sweeps storyline, but the question now arises as to where Leann Hunley fits into the Days of Our Lives equation. Will Anna stay in Salem and find herself a new beau? Or will the almighty Executives at NBC further chop the cast list and send Leann packing - just like they have Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall?

I dug up this video - as another Days of Our Lives flashback. A nine minute tribute to the Stefano and Tony combination. It's father and son drama at it's best - the true DiMera name in action. There are shades of Andre, touching scenes with Anna and many stunning confrontations between Stefano and Tony at war. For a show such as Days of Our Lives that is currently riddled in turmoil, we are now left to make the decision ourselves as to whether this show is truly doing what it thinks is best, or if they are well and truly beyond digging their own grave. Goodbye Tony and goodbye to the DiMera empire as we knew it. 'Salute'.

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