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Wishful Casting: Passions' Brook Kerr as OLTL's Rachel Gannon

I've been conversing with the hubby of regular DC site visitor MrsA1107 on Facebook—he hasn't registered yet, shame shame, I know your name!—who hipped me to talk of Nora Gannon's (Hillary B. Smith) daughter Rachel possibly being brought back to Llanview with a new face on One Life to Live and requested that I do a Wishful Casting. 


Now considering that I have only been watching OLTL for just a few short years, and don't have much in the form of an emotional connection with the Rachel character, I am basing my suggestion simply on the actress I am suggesting's stellar past work and what I have learned about the character-in-question's history. Now that the formalities are finished, I would love to see Brook Kerr (ex-Whitney, Passions) in the role.

 Kerr, like her onscreen BFF Lindsay Hartley (Theresa) proved to be a standout in a supernatural sea of vapid models-turned-thespians from her very first air show on the late James E. Reilly's whacked out sudser. On Passions, Kerr possessed a Soap God-given talent for infusing even the most asinine and obscene plot twists (Whitney going all Davinci Code and whipping herself when she thought she was in love with her brother) with tremendous heart, which will be needed if Rachel is to help her little half brother Matthew (Eddie Alderson) through his drug drama on OLTL, which is what spoilers say will bring the character back to Llanview.

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After a quick brush up on Rachel's history at Soap—seriously the only resource for learning character backstory—I was intrigued to find out Rachel was pivotal during the original storyline where Marty Saybrooke (Susan Haskell) was gang raped by Todd (then-Roger Howarth, now-Trevor St. John) and his fraternity brothers. According to the site, Marty initially accused Rachel's boyfriend Kevin of taking part in the vicious act. I am so thoroughly enjoying seeing an amnesiac Marty lash out against the players in her origin story currently onscreen, that it would no doubt be even that much more of a treat for her to "meet" Rachel again.

I predict Kerr would crackle opposite new teach and fellow recovering druggie Schuyler (Scott Clifton) if Rachel were to, go to work at Llanview High as the hew guidance counselor. Rachel's return could also facilitate the use of the all-but-forgotten Timothy Stickney as her nefarious Uncle RJ.  Additionally, with her sister Evangeline on perma-drool and her BFF Adriana out of town in search of the perfect haircut, Layla (Tika Sumpter) could use a new home girl in town, and I think Kerr is the perfect person to play her!