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Blair and Nate: Why? Just Why?

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I post this picture of Gossip Girl's Blair and Nate with more than a few reservations. I don't know about the rest of you, and I hate to even utter the words, but is it possible that Gossip Girl is on the verge of experiencing the same problems that Grey's Anatomy has for the last year or two? I mean seriously. Jenny has become a fly on the wall. Chuck is chasing after yet another hooker that just happens to be involved in a big bad conspiracy. Vanessa and Nate are a snore. Dan and Serena's relationship is well get the point. Now Blair, who has helped so many of us overlook all these other issues, is kissing Nate as Regan reported in her primetime spoilers? Maybe I'm judging too soon, but it's almost as if we are seeing the first signs of a sophomore slump. 


Don't get me wrong I'll still watch, but I'm starting to get uneasy. I will give them this though. They know how to create a scene. Even if I can't stand Blair with Nate, let me be the first to admit that this is a great scene.

Do you think Gossip Girl is headed in the wrong direction?

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