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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


I swear if someone doesn’t pick up that crying baby soon, I’m going to reach into my TV and hurt someone. I get that when the camera’s not on her, that it’s recorded crying, but the camera was on her a couple of times today, and that was real crying from a real baby (and if it wasn’t, it sure was darn realistic looking). Kudos to Kimberly McCullough for getting through those scenes. I keep thinking her frustration is probably real if that baby is crying for real. But I must say, where the heck is Robin going at the end? It looks like she’s walking through the woods. Why didn’t she stay on the road?

Silly line of the day:

Tracy to Monica: “You’re awake?”

Well Tracy, you and Edward have been screaming for five minutes, right beside her bed, so of course she’s awake. Heck Layla and Andy in the morgue can hear you!!

Loved that Monica questioned Jason’s involvement in this mess. Hate that he was all, “I’d never be involved in something like this”. Yeah, cuz you’re hands are so clean.

This FBI thing is so silly. Raynor doesn’t seem to be doing anything yet he’s perfectly willing to tell anyone who will listen, what’s been happening. Jax should be threatening to sue him for sitting on his hands and doing nothing. I mean, his only solution in this whole thing isn’t to bring in other agents or any other reinforcements, no, his solution is to shoot anyone who leaves the building. Yeah, that will solve all the problems.

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Love that Alexis is finally on the scene.

I’m glad JoMax didn’t do the deed.

Memo to Lulu: Selfish-nation called, they want you for their queen. Oh no, I can’t go to Epiphany in a crisis because she might actually put me to work, and we all know that I don’t work. Heck Maxie covers my butt when I’m a Crimson and besides, my boyfriend might call. UGH.

Liz/Lucky: As a giant L&L2 fan, I’m happy we’re getting scenes, but at the same time, I don’t want this reunion to go at warp speed. They need to come together as adults and not because there’s a history there.

Funny line of the day:

Jason to Sam:
You shot me.

Yeah, I rewound and laughed a second time.