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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.04.09


Jason goes to see his sick Mom. Tracy goes down with the toxin. Finally some action for the Q’s.

Johnny will be Maxie’s date to the “Go Red” campaign event. They’re hooking up, now he’s her date to a big event, what does this all mean for the very popular Spixie and the not so popular JoLu? I told you all yesterday, I am on the JoMax train. Now, the scene was a fade to black… did Johnny and Maxie give in or hold back?

Will Lulu and Spinelli find out about Johnny and Maxie? That was sort of the point, wasn’t it? RUMORS are conflicted as one says Johnny comes clean with Lulu but another RUMOR says it’s Maxie who delivers the blow. Will big brother swoop in and help little sis? Nikolas MAY be paying the rest of Lulu’s rent to get and providing a shoulder to cry on.

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Isn’t Nikolas a little busy right now? His dead fiancé’s doppelganger is hanging around and he’s got Nadine’s heart to break. Does he really have time to nurse Lulu’s broken heart? Don’t get me wrong, I would love nothing more than some real familial moments for GH but Nikolas is being spread a little too thin. There’s still the Jax battle to contend with as well.

I mentioned the rooftop evacuation as well as Trevor POSSIBLY having the missing sphere. Will Trevor fall to his death? IF SO, who delivers the final push? One RUMOR has Sonny winning their last battle.

I am not a fan of Ethan. I do not see the point of the character at all so this LATEST drop has me even more peeved. SUPPOSEDLY, Luke moves Ethan into the Q Mansion. I seriously hope he is not Dante.


Spinelli is RUMORED to go missing. Winnie MAY be a part of finding him. At least she'll be upset that the Feds don't seem to concerned about the computer geek that helped them.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Anthony’s missing too or is this just an opportunity for ZaCrazy to exact some revenge. A return in the works? Nikolas Cassadine, stalker. Leyla's fiancé wants to honor her with a foundation in her name. IF and WHEN Dante hits Port Chuck, there MAY be some impact on Liason. Nothing to get excited over, in fact, it MAY put the final nail in their coffin. Some say there is somewhat of an opening for Liason within the Dante story but TPTB are not going there. Michael waking up is gaining more steam as the days go by. This made me laugh... and annoyed me even further, SUPPOSEDLY the timing of the new set debuting in April is to coincide with the show's 46th anniversary. There is a RUMORED gala (yes another one) coming to celebrate the new hospital and the show's 46th Anniversary. If you ignore 45, does 46 really matter?