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Would You Like Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans to Return As Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell?

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With the not so shocking news that Days of Our Lives has fired Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans I have to ask, would you like Nichols and/or Evans to return to General Hospital as Stefan Cassadine and Katherine Bell?

The week of August 18, 1998 was the week I started watching General Hospital. It was that week that Katherine Bell appeared alive at Stefan Cassadine's trial and it is that storyline that hooked me on the show. It was also my first introduction to Nicholas and Evans. I would absolutely love it if one or both of them returned to General Hospital. Unfortunately, all the You Tube clips of the trial I could find have their embedding disabled so the above clip is from Stefan's 2003 death.

Would you like Nichols and Evans to return to General Hospital?

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