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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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It’s amazing to me how they’re capable of some good, in the middle of the really, really bad.

The good:

I loved Maxie and Johnny finding Robin. Loved Kirsten Storms freak out as she’s screaming ‘where’s the baby’ and digging through the snow. That storyline actually has me on the edge of my seat, wondering what on earth Robin did with the baby. However, if that baby dies, heads will roll.

Call me crazy, but I’m liking Carly right now. (I’ll deny it of course!!) I like this mother earth they have going on with her, calming down stupid Lulu, talking to Edward. It works for me. 

I was amused by the lightness of JaSam regarding the gun shot.

The bad:

Tracy collapses and Patrick says, “get her down to ICU”. Aren’t they in ICU? Didn’t come out of Monica’s room and start yelling at Patrick? And why aren’t the people visiting in ICU (Lucky, Nik, Edward, Carly) not running into each other while they’re there. It’s like each person has their own ICU floor.

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They’re sending in a team of agents to get the balls, but it’s headed by young Winnie? Also, all three of them are going to die, since they walked into the hospital without their masks on and then put them on.

Did they bring in an extra suit for Spinelli to put on, or is there always extra Hazmat suits lying around for incredibly stupid computer geeks?

NotEmily is still just milling about, talking on her cell phone, chit chatting to staff members. And she’s still wearing the stupid hat, despite being indoors for hours.

Sonny threatening Anthony. “You can either stand up and die or sit down and die”. Yeah, that’ll get him to admit he’s not paralyzed, since both options result in his death.

Anthony, an old man, manages to get the drop on Dumb and Dumber and escape. Really, how is it that the Port Charles Mob manages to stay in business with Jason and Sonny at the helm.

Where’s Ric? I’m forced to watch NotEmily milling about, why can’t I have an equal dose of my man Ric?