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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 02.05.09


Jason needs Anthony alive to make sure the Feds bust ZaCrazy and not the Jackal. Jason is a good friend, Sonny needs to pay attention and take some pointers.

Is Spinelli going to get his hero cape to match Jason's? It looks like Spin takes some risks to save others but it's his brain that MAY be the real savior as he finds out what the Feds are really up to. RUMOR has it the Feds want the toxic spheres back so that they can turn them over to Equinox. Does Batman take advice from Robin?

Winnie! Sorry I like Senta Moses so I would really like to see what sort of story they'll give her. Remember, she's on the Jackal's side despite who she works for and let’s face it, we have plenty of males in that age range, we need some ladies. Winnie SHOULD be working in a hazmat suit to get the remaining spheres but when she spots Spinelli also in head to toe hazmat, will she turn the Jackal in or turn a blind eye?

Johnny and Maxie didn't give in... I'm a little torn over this one. The pair is hot, there is no denying that but I do not want the Spixie friendship completely trashed so I'm glad they didn't go through with it. Lulu is not going to be feeling the same way. A kiss is not always just a kiss.

More Ethan today... More Ethan and Luke. Ugh! Sorry, I am not a fan of Ethan Lovett. I do not see the point. As much as I firmly believe Sonny does not deserve a big name to play Dante, I really hope this dude is not Dante. As for SCOOP on Ethan, RUMORS say he'll be revealing his Spencer connection. Remember there were RUMORS that his family and Luke have crossed paths before.

How slow is this storyline going? Too slow! And it SEEMS it MAY even be going slower than we realize. General Hospital tapes about 2-4 weeks out, meaning what they film today will air on our screen in about three weeks. Sarah Brown updated her Facebook status: Sarah Brown is going to work - GH fans - you are gonna love this Epi-splode! Have they not filmed the big explosion yet?

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Basically everyone here knows I am a Liason Fan. BUT, I do not hate Lucky and Elizabeth when they are reunited properly. Elizabeth wants Lucky to take care of the boys should something happen to her and that kiss that's coming... well it SHOULD be happening on the hospital roof when Lucky gets Elizabeth up there to be evacuated. Is Lucky leaving too? No. RUMOR has it he'll stay behind to help others. Nice, now you remember you're a cop.

Does anyone like this stunt? I read a lot, sometimes too much and I have to say when I see fans that like what we've been seeing, I am truly shocked. I know I have been overly critical of GH lately but I feel after all these years of watching this show five days a week, I've earned the right to be critical.

As I mentioned above I do not want Ethan to be Dante. There is still GOSSIP and CHATTER out there that GH is trying hard to land Tom Pelphrey for the role. What about Dante's little brother Michael? I'm still seeing that Michael will re-casted and SORAS'd.

We talked about Scrubs fans upset over no love scenes for the newlyweds. Once the crisis is over and all is well, you SHOULD be getting your love scene.

Leyla and Andy are dead, Trevor SHOULD be next. Monica's death will be teased.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Is Matt Hunter leaving PC? That's a RUMOR out there, one I find hard to believe without a little more info. Johnny has a meltdown. Ethan and Lulu meet. Will Lucky help his brother in finding out answers about Rebecca? The Feds still want to take down Sonny Corinthos. Patrick and Robin work on waking Michael up.