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Maggie Horton Is the Rock of Salem

For most viewers, Days of Our Lives has been an unending train wreck of bad news and bad soap. In Salem's realm of unrecognizability, Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers) is the nugget of gold in a pile of muckity-muck. Without thinking about it, I have slowly realized that Maggie has become the face, the heart and the soul of Days. A fixture since 1974, she has been unwittingly been pushed to the forefront as her costars scatter to the wind. 

Maggie has stopped playing hostess at Chez Rouge for other characters that drop by her restaurant. She apparently doesn't need her husband Mickey around because he is not beside her and she is respected enough to be the "go to" girl for those in conflict. She has her own strength and her own independence. 


Over time, she has emerged as MY focus of this show. Maggie may no longer be starring in her own storylines, but she is instrumental in several others. She was the family connection who supported Nick when he took an inexplicable walk down the psycho path; she is there for Lucas, but holds the key to Chloe's secret; and she is around to advise Melanie against her obvious attraction to EJ (no comment). With the massive firings of her castmates, Suzanne's 35 years of service to Salem is something to celebrate. There is no fast forwarding through any of her scenes, no matter how badly her costars perform. It's as if I want to capture every last possible moment that Rogers graces my screen because no one knows on whom the bloody axe will fall next. Thank you Suzanne for showing up to work and making it count!

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