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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

We're in for a treat judging by these spoilers on The Young and the Restless. Fans new and old get ready for some good ole' fashioned drama headed your way!

Brad's funeral:
Once again Y&R has a superb funeral planned. Colleen is crushed over her father's death and is so overcome with his loss that she's just beside herself and doesn't know what to do with it. Brad's death has touched many in Genoa City, rescued by Brad, Noah feels very remorseful for everything since Brad risked his life to save him. Abby holds Eden responsible since she was the one that hatched the idea and took Noah to their bogus ice-skating party, while Sharon is distraught over Brad's death since the last time they spoke he declared his undying love for her. Things finally blows at Brad's funeral when Colleen overhears Victor telling Abby that he'll give her a million dollars to be donated to a charity of her choosing in Brad's name, she flips out and lights into Victor in the front of the entire funeral! Colleen rips into Victor for even being at the service since everyone knows including Colleen that he despised Brad. Ashley and Victoria attempt to do damage control by asking Victor to leave the service, which irks him. Colleen tries to keep her cool since she knows she has to help Ashley with supporting Abby, since she too has lost her dad. Watch for a tougher Colleen to emerge after this tragedy.


Ashley: She has a tough decision to make.

Sharon/Billy: They leave the bar together drunk. Rumors are swirling that these two end up sleeping together.

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Chloe: She has a dilemma when she's in labor.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: Somehow Phyllis knows all about Nick and Sharon's romp up at the cabin and instead of going bat-shit crazy as Jamey would say, she decides to fight her her man in a new way... Phyllis decides to be a kinder, gentler Red! She starts off by apologizing to Sharon for not paying closer attention to Noah during the snowstorm and its up to viewers to judge if Phyllis is sincere or not. In Phyllis' mind, she realizes that in order to save her marriage she needs to acts as though she's not out to get Sharon and feels as though that will pay off for her in the long run. Nick and Sharon put two and two together and figure out that Phyllis knows that they made love at the Abbott cabin and are both wondering if she knows about the affair why isn't she going crazy now?

Nick decides to not tempt fate and say a word to Phyllis, in his mind if there's no smoke there's no fire. When Phyllis catches up with Michael, she finally confesses to him that she knows Nick and Sharon had sex and is upset by the entire thing. Later on when she along with Nick and Sharon all come together to figure out what to do about Noah and Eden, she decides to put her new plan of killing them with kindness in full effect. Phyllis lets Nick know its cool with her to chat with Sharon alone and does so. Noah fills his parents in on who saved his life--Brad. When Sharon hears this she almost loses it and goes outside to collect herself and Phyllis comforts her! The two talk and Phyllis is understanding in regards to the entire thing but at the same time, she also knows that being nice to Sharon will work out for her in the end if she wants to save her marriage.

Katherine: Score one for the grand dame of Genoa City, she gets news from her posse Michael and Amber that a DNA test has been ordered by the judge. While excited that she's one step closer to reclaiming her life, Kay's also nervous when she goes to get the test done. Katherine's scared that Jill will once again fight off request to submit to a DNA test, and Kay's on the money because Jill declines to do so when the lab technician comes by. Esther is Kay's saving grace without her knowing it, she shames Jill into going through with the test. Katherine gets another set of good news (for fans also!)--her doctor lets her know that she doesn't have Alzheimer's or dementia! She fills Amber in on the news and both are over the moon since the tides are turning her Katherine's favor.

Later on, Katherine goes over to Joe's Diner to fill Pearl and Joe Jr in on who she really is. She hands in her uniform and tells them that she will no longer be working there and will pop back in from time to time to visit them. Needless to say both Pearl and Joe Jr think that, "Marge" has lost her cookies and don't buy a word of what she says. Kay understands and lets Murph know that if the show were on the other foot she wouldn't believe it also. When she back at Murphy's place, Katherine lets him know that even though she will be going back to her real life, he will always be a part of hers since he's been the closest friend and support she's had besides her posse of Amber, Kevin and Michael. Katherine is holding firm that when the test results come in and it proves who she says she is, everything will be alright.

Mrs. Winters catches her husband swapping spit with Tyra.