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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 02.06.09


Get ready for a Who's the Daddy cause Claudia and Sonny... they're doing the deed.

But before we get into that, here's what you may have missed yesterday from the comments:

Oh geez... another roof collapse another trapped Carly and Sonny. I am begging these writers to come up with one original idea. That's what we should drink to. I'll even buy.

Jax is missing. He'll land the helicopter on the roof of GH after the blizzard is making it impossible, Jax makes it possible but the helicopter goes down and where's Jax? No worries, he's fine and he'll try to land another helicopter on the roof. Um hello, bad weather, just survived one crash, do you really want to cause another? But hey if someone else gets to play hero, why not?

Robin sends Emma to Mercy with Maxie as we've been discussing. How will Patrick feel about that? And something's not making sense? Maxie is SUPPOSED to be with Emma at Mercy but at some point she's rushing into GH looking for Spinelli. He's missing, remember we've talked about this as well and in GH's quest to make Spin an idiot; he's SPOILED to have locked himself in a closet. WTH? Guess who goes running in to save Maxie?

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It's not Olivia who destroys the DVD, its Claudia. Good thing for the Mafia Princess there's a fire for her to toss the DVD into much to Kate's dismay. It looks like Kate is handed another blow when she thinks Sonny must be hurt, that's the only explanation for why he hasn't come to rescue her right? Well at this point, Sonny pops up and it's his wife's arms he's in.

SCOOP or Fanfic? Are Molly and Kristina getting SORAS'd too? What about Morgan? RUMORS say Molly and Kristina will be sent away to school to protect them from ZaCrazy. When they return, they'll be teens. Obviously, if the Michael story is a go and Dylan Cash is out as Mikey, the rest of the kids need to be aged as well.


So back to the opening statement... As discussed above, Sonny goes running into his wife's arms and not Kate's. Isn't Kate supposed be his one true love? Were we not suffering through insufferable Sonny because he loved Kate so much? Sorry Skate fans, this really blows for you. Are we supposed to feel sorry for the mobster? Does Sonny settle for his wife because he doesn't feel he deserves any better? Is there where bitchy Kate gets to come out to play?

Kate knows two secrets that would knock Sonny on his ass. He has a son with Olivia and the woman he's bedding, is responsible for Michael's shooting. What's a girl got to lose now that she's lost her man? But there are those pesky little RUMORS that Claudia has something to hold over Kate's head that will shut the fashionista up. What is it? No clue. Any guesses?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Lulu and Matt kiss. Will Maxie see? Ric gets the docks in Trevor's will. Sonny and Jason make-up. Nikolas knocks out Ethan for making a pass at Rebecca. Rayner is a bad guy. Olivia and Carly fight it out over Jax. Will Kate and Ric team up? Will Lulu be the one to uncover who Ethan really is?

It's Friday, so ask away... I'll answer what I can.