Has Anybody Seen Greenlee's Legs?

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In her exit interview with Soap Opera Digest (on newstands now), Rebecca Budig shares that she felt something was missing during her second stint as All My Children's Greenlee Smythe.


I felt like the character was sort of lost; at least I couldn't really find her legs again."

I hate it when that happens. When I wake up and someone has moved one of my legs in the middle of the night it makes me want to act a PLUM fool! Budig goes on to tell the magazine that whenever she shared scenes with La Lucci—like yesterday's hilarious catfight where sixtysomething Erica Kane WHUPPED Greenlee's ass—she managed to find those pesky legs. Godspeed Becky, may you and your gams find much success back out in SoCal!