Morning After: Hug It Away

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Is it too much to hope that Grey's Anatomy is back on track? I think I probably enjoyed this episode more than any other episode so far this season and the set up for the Private Practice cross over was really well done. I continue to love the Christina/McRambo romance and I'm intrigued by McRambo's reaction to the arrival of Laura Allen's character. Bailey continues to be the heart and soul of the show and I loved the hug it away scene.  George continues to be wasted while Izzie's search for an ailment seemed a little lackluster. I'm not sure what I think of the Callie storyline, but I'm a big fan of the actress so I'm willing to take a wait and see attitude.


It is going to be so awesome to see Addison back on Grey's Anatomy next week. Sometimes I really wish she'd never received a spinoff. The problem is I'm not sure there is another character that could have handled a spinoff.