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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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My apologies for the delay, but after work yesterday, I had to watch Hell's Kitchen before I could get to GH, but here I am.

Line of the day:

Trevor: "Why do you think Sonny's after you?"

Anthony: "Because he's chasing after me with a big frickin' gun"

Seriously, out of all this mess, Bruce Weitz is one of the few highlights to the show and needs an Emmy nomination next year.

Of course Sonny will now think that Jason owes him one, since he spared AZ. When it's pretty clear that had Sonny shot AZ, not only would he have been up for murder, but Jason would have been forced to give him up to the Feds instead of Anthony.

Finally Ric shows up (looking mighty fine in those scrubs..yummy Perkie eye candy!!!) but gets pooped on by Anthony, Sonny, Trevor, Jason, Sam and Claudia. Thanks show, thanks.

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Spinelli/Winnie: I try not to fast forward stuff, so as not to miss anything, but egads, I had to finally do it. Their entire conversation was just silly, and difficult to understand with those masks on. If I missed anything important other than the FBI is evil and Spinelli will save the world, please let me know.

The delusional award of the day goes to Kate. Love the girl (and Megan Ward), but geez, to actually think that Sonny will actually give up his one love...power, in order to get back with her had me shaking my head. Plus, why would she want him back. It's not like things has been rainbows and kittens while they were together.

So Robin put the baby in a tree? That makes so little sense it's just not funny. However, I don't understand why there was no one (like PCPD officers) at the hospital doors to turn her away. It had to come from Jax, a concerned husband to be the one to tell her the hospital was shut down. What happened to the supposed ambulances waiting around that Pif mentioned the other day? Plus, there should have been tons of people, concerned relatives, hanging out with Jax.

I do like that Nikolas finally came face to face with NotEmily, but I really wanted her to say something. She had that look on her face like she was about to snark at him ("what?" "take a picture, it will last longer") but then they cut to that delightful explosion that a GH sweeps is never without.

This Luke/Ethan thing might work at a different time, but right now, it's hard to care, when his wife, his former daughter-in-law, his son, his daughter and a bunch of others are trapped in a hospital.

So, Trevor stole the toxic ball and is carrying it around in a pee cup, wrapped in kleenex? Seriously? Plus, I think that's the first time I've ever written a sentence like that!!!