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Quote of the Day: Brooke Blasts Rick

I have been a vocal NON fan of Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Steffy's (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) seedy pairing on The Bold and the Beautiful, but I cannot deny the fallout has been anything but soapy. Not one person stands in their corner and everyone around them has explained in no uncertain terms that their relationship is wrong. No news there, we already know that!


For months, Ridge (Ronn Moss) has had to suck up (no comments please) his hatred for Rick because of his relationship with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang). He has, for the most part, allowed Brooke to keep their relationship and communication lines open. I did not think I'd see the day when Brooke and Stephanie (Susan Flannery) were on the same side, but I saw it today.

The always brilliant Katherine Kelly Lang and the fast improving Kyle Lowder had me glued for their entire arguement. It was because Brooke was uncensored in her unrelenting disgust for her son. He was looking for support, but found none.  Brooke insisted that Ridge would never find out because "I absolutely, completely, 100% forbid you from seeing Steffy Forrester. I friggen forbid it!" It was worth rewinding a few times!

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