First Look at the Melrose Place Re-Do

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Our boy Jamey has been talking about the Melrose Place re-make for a few weeks now. Michael Ausiello has the exclusive first look at the breakdown of the new characters hitting The CW.


Here's a peek:

The new Jake and Amanda are... David Patterson and Ella Flynn. He's Melrose royalty, the now-grown son of the original Jake, with the taut abs and thick black book to prove it. She's his omnisexual sometime lover, a PR whiz whose tongue is as sharp as her stilettos.

The new Billy and Allison are... Jonah Miller and Riley Richmond. He's a Kevin Smith wannabe whose obsession with his movies is unlikely to give him a happy ending with his sickly-sweet schoolteacher fiancee -- especially when she takes a shine to the glamorous life he loathes.

Be sure to check out the rest of Ausiello's exclusive. Will the "Jane" character have a little more Syndey in her?