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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.09.09


The Usual Suspects become the Unusual Team? It looks like Jason, Sonny, Spinelli, Winnie, Claudia and Sam team up to get everyone out of the hospital. What about Carly? She SHOULD be around there somewhere as well. Remember, Sonny and Carly are trapped together yet again. If Guza has them have sex, I may just break my beautiful TV… well not really but you all get the picture. Will Carly and Sonny be the last people evacuated?

Trevor has the missing ball, Carly knows and she SHOULD be telling Sonny. As Sonny is about to take Trevor out (really should he be shooting a man in possession of a deadly toxin?), another explosion hits. Where’s Anthony? Tied up thanks to Jason.

The evacuation starts. Jax tries to land the helicopter and goes down in front of Carly. Lulu won’t leave Tracy’s side. Carly tries to get out to find her husband, Sonny is worried that she’ll do something stupid and goes looking for her. Jason goes back for Anthony and asks Sam to help with evacuation. Lucky and Elizabeth share a kiss as he gets Elizabeth to the roof to be evacuated. Rebecca needs saving, good thing Super Jase is there and he’ll tell Nikolas he just saved someone who looks just like Emily. Jason puts the cape on once again and rescues Claudia from Trevor. Sam chases Trevor up to the roof where he threatens to drop the toxic sphere off of the hospital roof.

Johnny and Maxie are at Mercy with Emma as Robin helps evacuate patients and the hospital nursery.
Will Robin have a breakdown when she’s able to help other people’s children but not her own? Johnny returns to GH to get Robin as Emma is in serious condition. Johnny brings Robin to Mercy and heads back to the hospital in crisis. When he gets back to GH, Johnny learns his sister and father have yet to make it out. Is Maxie back at GH too? Remember there are RUMORS about her going into the hospital in search of Spinelli. The Jackal has gone missing but Maxie won’t be the only one looking for him. No worries Spixie fans, they will be reunited and despite my new found love for JoMax, I still love the Spixie dynamic. Spixie or JoMax, I got something for everyone as Johnny runs in to the rescue and carries Maxie out of the hospital turned inferno. If Johnny is saving Maxie, who saves the Jackal? What about JoLu? Lulu’s inside the hospital too. As I mentioned above, Lulu won’t leave Tracy. Will Ethan be the one to save Lulu as ONCE RUMORED? What about Johnny? I’m hearing that there SHOULD be some good stuff for the JoLu fans.

Olivia only thinks the DVD was destroyed in the fire. Claudia finds it but Carly is in her way. Claudia gets Carly to leave but will she get her hands on the DVD? Nope! It is Olivia who winds up with the proof that Claudia was behind Michael’s shooting. Will she hand it over to Kate? It looks like the earlier RUMORS were correct, Olivia SHOULD be destroying the DVD.


I’ve asked this before… Will Lulu be the one who clues us in on Ethan’s true identity? Was the Holly drop a legitimate anvil or the writer’s playing with the fans? Whatever it is that Lulu finds out, RUMORS have her wanting to tell her dad the truth about Ethan Lovett.

Will Carly find out about Dante? That was a drop way back when and at that time I called LAZY writing as Carly has learned a Sonny paternity secret before. RUMOR has it that Carly overhears a conversation between Patrick and Olivia.

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What are Patrick and Olivia talking about? Well remember, Patrick knows that Olivia’s son is also Sonny’s. Olivia MAY be asking Patrick for a little assistance. Here’s a SPOILER or FANFIC for ya… Is Dante a college student who’s gone missing? Well missing as in, his mommy can’t track him down. Here’s where the possible FANFIC comes in, is Dante a student at Patrick’s alma mater? IF this is truly a SPOILER and not FANFIC, Olivia asks Patrick to make some calls and see if he can find out when he son was last on campus.

Speaking of Olivia… Is she going to be involved in too much story not to be put on contract? It’s been RUMORED for months now that Lisa LoCicero is going to be getting a contract to sign. I know some DC’ers don’t care for the character of Olivia. When she first hit Port Chuck, I thought she was introduced well but at this point, there hasn’t been enough of story to explain why she hasn’t returned to Bensonhurst. Are they hanging on to LoCicero because of Dante?


The questioning begins… Remember the interrogation scenes leading up to the toxin being released? They’re coming back as Rayner starts his questioning of Patrick. Will Patrick get to see his little girl first?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Trevor dies still on bad terms with Ric. Is Johnny Trevor’s son? That one is still out there. Nikolas declares his love for Emily. Nadine confides in Matt. Jax and Carly reconnect, in the biblical sense. Despite those RUMORS, there is still talk about Olivia and Jax getting more screen time together. LuSam fans, you SHOULD be getting a little more closure than the pathetic break up we saw play out. Will Carly save Claudia? She is good in a crisis. Elizabeth sees Em’s look-a-like. Sam’s in danger. Bitch Kate comes out to play, watch out Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos. Crush my Liason loving heart, Jason MAY spy LL2 in a lip lock as well. Is someone retiring and leaving Port Chuck?

What’s coming up for Sweeps? After a stunt like this, will GH be able to pull off a Sweeps barely a month later? With the hospital in ruins, Sweeps must be all mob, right? Sweeps SHOULD be about Michael waking up. Will it be another re-do? We discussed MONTHS AGO how we would love Michael’s story to be similar to Jason’s coma storyline but in the reverse. We wanted Michael to reconnect with his Quartermaine roots. Will this happen? I’m optimistic but also realistic as TPTB show very little interest in the Q’s.


As I suspected…With the “new” hospital debuting in April, Guza MAY have a whole month to be all mob all the time. Robin and Patrick SHOULD figure in to some degree as they are the ones working on waking up Michael. Will Matt assist his brother and sister-in-law? Where will they work if GH is out for the count? RUMORS say they’ll set up shop at the after care facility.

In the middle of all this crisis crap, General Hospital is still participating in Campbell’s Go Red Campaign with Maxie going to an event. Lulu thinks Maxie should fill in for the missing model and good thing the red dress is a size zero.

Programming Note… I’ll be MIA tomorrow AM. If I can, spoilers will be up in the afternoon.