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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Is it just me or is everyone not freaking out enough, considering that part of the building they're in has exploded and is on fire? With the exception of the one woman with the baby who seemed to be panicking and worried about her sick baby, but Epiphany sort of snarked her out in a tone of voice that made it seem as though the woman was over reacting. Everyone else is just sitting around, remininscing about the good times. "Remember when Edward got mad at me for playing my music too loud?" "You were a good man for Emily" and so on and so on. Call me crazy, but I'd be screaming bloody murder, running around trying to get the heck out.

And how is it that half the building has exploded, but phones, computer and PA systems on the other floors are still working? Also, no one could get their cell phones to work, but Spinelli can get a perfect wi-fi connection.

Why are all the evacuees in different spots instead of all gathered in one spot, ready to be evacuated? And how is it possible for Lucky to get up and down the stairs, but no one else supposedly can.

Did I miss why they can't go down to be evacuated out the front doors? If the fire is on 10 in the east wing, then they should be able to make their way down in the west wing.

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Why wouldn't Kate say something, when she had Claudia, Carly and Sonny all there? Why the insistence that she needs to tell Sonny only, and only when he's alone. Just spit it out already.

Loved the look of confusion on Jason's face when he came upon NotEmily. "Does not compute. Does not compute".

Strange yet funny line of the day:

Edward to Nikolas: "Sane or crazy, you Cassadines have beautiful manners"