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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Just a funny little anecdote; my ten month old daughter was playing in the room as GH started. When the theme music came on, she stopped what she was doing, crawled over to the tv, stood up and stared at the screen. She clearly recognizes the music by now. Then she reached over, and pressed the OFF button!!!!  Now onto the show....

The good:

Loved the look on Elizabeth's face when NotEmily walked in. That was priceless "WTF" that BH played perfectly.

Loved Carly being the one to have to wheel Claudia out and I did laugh each time Carly smacked her wheelchair into the wall.

Not sure how I felt about Johnny throwing around the Zachara name at the hospital. On one hand, he's been trying to distance himself from it for months, on the other, it got the problem solved. Although, I don't how hospitals are run in the States, but here in Canada, if an ER nurse turned away a baby with a fever, there would be serious heck to pay. That baby would be the first one taken, no matter what.

The Bad:

NotEmily gets thrown by the explosion, and yet her stupid hat stays on her stupid head. And then when she goes into Liz' room, but instead of helping her out, leaves again. Then she walks toward the part of the hospital that's on fire and stays there as beams fall from the ceiling.

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The explosion happens and there aren't any sprinklers in that room. There are also no police or firemen storming the building, they need Nik and Patrick with a fire extinguisher. And they need doctors and lay people to go in and help evacuate.

Maybe I missed it in the middle of the SpinWinnie speak, but what happened to the remaining toxic balls? I would have to assume that an explosion might set them off.

Kate, for reasons the writers haven't bothered to explain, is still determined beyond sanity, to get to Sonny instead of telling Olivia or anyone else what's going on because somehow she feels she must be the one to tell him about the DVD.

And speaking of the DVD, good thing the crack Hasmat team disposed of all the contaminated clothes and stuff, in a bin that tips over and the contents fall out.

Again, the Luke/Ethan stuff seems out of place. Also, that picture that Ethan took out of his wallet, I saw Luke, but who was the other person in the picture? Was it Robert or Scotty?