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Last Week's B&B: The "Sick" Truth Came Out

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Check out the video for a recap of last week's events on The Bold and the Beautiful, plus a bonus "blooper" from Katherine Kelly Lang as Brooke:


It was crunch time for Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Steffy (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) as their secret relationship finally came out. Is it just me, or has it felt like Groundhog Day with those two? I love you, I can’t be with you, I have to be with you, I can't be with you, repeated ad nauseum.

First to weigh in on the gruesome twosome was the Queen herself – Stephanie, who’d been lurking in what looked like Rick’s laundry room. After being put on the spot, Rick asked, “how does somebody end something so beautiful, so pure?” Easy, bozo, start banging your girlfriend's mother again. Seriously, in the grand scheme of contrived relationships, Taylor and Rick were way hotter than Steffy and Rick (AKA Sick).

Stephanie laid the blame at the feet of Brooke and Eric – they screwed Rick up with their bed-hopping shenanigans when he was growing up. I guess she has a point, but everyone on this show is pretty much tainted by the constant inbreeding and/or paternity issues. Hell, it was B&B that gave us a Who’s The Mommy storyline.

As Rick defied Stephanie and pledged his love to his non-biological niece, she did what most viewers have been doing while watching this couple:

As per usual, Steffy was on the verge of a nervous breakdown, whining and snivelling when confronted about her relationship. That girl needs to tone down the histrionics, my eardrums are bleeding here.

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“He is using you,” said her mother, Taylor, before launching into a rant and ripping Rick a new one. “It isn’t love – it’s payback!” she yelled. When she failed to get through to the lovebirds, she called for back-up from L.A.’s second most prominent psychiatrist, James Warwick. Even he couldn’t get through to Steffy. Hopefully this week he’ll try electro-shock therapy, just for the hell of it.

Last to vent her feelings was Brooke, who wasn’t won over by Rick’s “maybe I’m searching for MY destiny” speech. She was all up in his face demanding he ditch the little Princess, and when he wouldn’t comply, she uttered the unforgettable “I FRIGGIN’ forbid it!”


Other than the Steffy/Rick star-crossed dimwits spiel, it was a week that saw Bridget throw her medical career aside to pursue her new-found “passion” for design. That’s something I’ll blog about soon, if my brains don't start dribbling out of my nose from watching this insanity. In the meantime, I’ll be relieved to hear from somebody who finds the Steffy/Rick pairing even mildly palatable. Someone? Anyone?

One last thing - why was Steffy dressed as Wonder Woman?