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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.11.09


Another dream episode? This time it’s Maxie in the starring role. What if BJ never died? What if Maxie was the one who died back in 1994? How would Maxie’s death all those years ago affect the residents of Port Charles if BJ hadn’t been in that accident giving her heart to a failing Maxie? Kirsten Storms becomes BJ for the special dream episode. Will Bobbie make an appearance? Good news for Spixie fans, this special episode is said to be “very Spixie heavy.” Mac will make an appearance as an alcoholic, Patrick and Carly are married and having affairs, Robin has pledged a love-less life after Stone's death, and Frons is finally getting his Storms - Jason Cook reunion. BJ is a medical student engaged to Dr. Hunter. Maxie wakes up from her dream and wants to be a better person, realizing she's lucky to be alive. A. Bobbie better be involved B. I can't wait to see John J. York flex his acting chops and C. Great concept but in the end is this more lazy writing? Haven't we seen (countless times) Maxie's health in dire straits and her realization that she has to do more with the gift BJ gave her?

Do we want Johnny to be Trevor’s son? Is that a good story? Does that just give Ric, too talented and underused Ric, another brother to hate? RUMORS say Johnny has a secret. Will Maxie figure in to Johnny’s secret? Looks like that MAY be happening and Spinelli COULD be figuring it out.

Ric will have to deal with Trevor’s death and he SHOULD be inheriting those all important docks from dear old dad. What about Kate? There were RUMORS that Claudia would have something to hold over Kate’s head. What exactly does Claudia know that will shut up Kate? Is anyone interested in a Kate-Ric hook-up? There are some RUMORS that have Kate and Ric teaming up against Sonny and Claudia.

ZaCrazy’s missing… What’s that mean for Spin? Will the Jackal be prison bound now that Anthony is on the run? Will Winifred help save the Jackal by helping them expose Agent Rayner’s not so lawful ways?

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Rebecca, Rebecca, Rebecca… We get it; you’re annoyed that everyone thinks you’re some dead girl.

Sam is dangling off the side of a building, again. This by no means is a slam against Sam but once again against the lazy writing.

Robin’s Post Partum Depression (PPD)… Will it just sort of end? Robin will finally feel comfortable holding her child and the Drake family SHOULD be reunited sometime next week. It APPEARS that while Robin will think she’s doing much better, she’s not.

LL2 commitment… Lucky and Elizabeth make a commitment to be a family. Will they take their reunion to the next level?


CRAZY and RANDOM … Tracy bails Luke and Ethan out. A new girl hits Port Charles. The Quartermaines want more dirt on the girl that looks like Emily. Robin and Patrick start their treatment on Michael. Carly and Jax hit the sheets. Olivia destroys the DVD today.