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Hmmm, Is Victor's Mystery Woman on Y&R, Whackadoodle Mari Jo Mason?

While watching The Mustache interact with his mystery woman on The Young and the Restless tonight, I started to ponder who exactly is it that Victor is planning to use to take Jack down? Sheila? Nah. Jack had little interaction with Genoa City's most infamous psycho. Diane Jenkins? Possible, but not likely. Why would Diane need plastic surgery to torment Jack, when she has his son Kyle—someone please address the Kyle factor— in her posession? Then it hit me...could the mystery woman be Mari Jo Mason, the nutty-as-a-fruitcake former Jabot art director who was obsessed with both Jack and his Amerasian son Keemo? 


The last time we saw Mari Jo, she was being carted off to a funny farm after a crime spree that included hiring a hooker to sleep with Keemo while pretending she was Mari Jo (and you thought Cane was a dim bulb!), shooting Victor, framing Jill Abbott and trying to kill Cricket—nobody messes with the Bug!

I have to give it to the gang at Y&R, if the mystery woman is Mari Jo it will be quite the clever twist. Mari Jo would be the last character I would ever expect to resurface in Genoa City, considering she was pretty much a poor soap fan's Phyllis/Sheila hybrid. Stacy Haiduk, who has reportedly been cast as a new love interest for Jack, has an essence similar to that of Diana Barton, who portrayed Mari Jo, so maybe that's why she was cast?Whether or not the mystery woman turns out to be Mari Jo or not, this smells like another juicy, soaptastic story and I for one can't wait to see it play out!VOTE WITH YOUR REMOTE FOR THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS!

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