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Tristan Rogers Blogs About Rumors

RUMORS are my game and it's a RUMOR-filled world for me, so when Luke sent me a link to Tristan Rogers' (Robert Scorpio, General Hospital, Night Shift) blog titled "Rumor of a Rumor" obviously my interests were piqued. Tristan has some good points when it comes to RUMORS in general, but it's the General Hospital RUMORS over who Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons) really is that had Tristan clicking away on his keyboard.


There’s a story/rumor circulating on GH right now that I have been

aware of because it was brought to my attention courtesy of you folk

who post on my site. And under most circumstances I would have left it

at that. However, as this one crossed the desk of my manager, and my

manager is generally “out to lunch” when it comes to things like this

that alone qualified it for some attention.

I am referring to the storyline/rumor on GH concerning

Ethan/Holly/Robert baby/child/whatever. From my position I have no

investment in this at all……currently. So I am looking at this from

across the street, so to speak.

What if it is RnH’s child? What kind of possibilities does this open up? I mean it could have happened……right?

Let’s take it a step further. What if it’s Luke’s kid and not mine?

The coma baby situation now starts to make some sense.

I think this is an excellent situation where the fans should have a say in how it pans out.

Whose child do you want it to be?

I will say that there is “interesting plausibility” if you suspend

reality for a bit. If you move the characters around what might be

unfolding is certainly possible. Maybe even intriguing. At this stage I

know nothing of this involving Robert.

Be sure to check out Tristan's entire blog.

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