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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.12.09


There really isn’t much to dish on this morning. Be sure to check the comments for any updates. Here’s what I got for ya.

Maxie’s dream… The dream episode will be the week of the 23rd. This will most likely have something to do with the storyline for the Go Red Campaign. Maxie must step in to replace the model at the last minute and remember JoMax fans, Johnny is said to be her date to the event. Maxie and Lulu will be working together. Is this just a set up for when Lulu finds out about Maxie and Johnny?

Maxie sneaks into the burning hospital looking for Spinelli… Johnny goes in to save Maxie… Sam and Jason rescue the Jackal.

Winnie… She gives Spin the heads up on who the real evil-doers are.

Carly and Jax seem to be on the right path and RUMORS have them “reconnecting” after the crisis. But what about those RUMORS that Mr. and Mrs. Jacks still have trouble ahead? Will it involve Olivia?

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Sam is up against Trevor… Is this how she winds up dangling from the top of GH? Trevor gets one last shot in at his son before he dies. Will he reveal a secret like OLDER RUMORS said?

Kate, Kate, Kate… What have these writers done to Kate? I’m a fan of Megan Ward’s. I liked Kate when she first hit town. Now, not so much and it really is all the writers fault. Now, we’re SUPPOSED to have yet another secret of Kate’s that Claudia holds over the fashionista head and I must ask again, how could this secret be worse than Claudia being responsible for Michael’s shooting?


Will Sonny develop feelings for his wife? IF and when the secret comes out, is that how Claudia stays alive?

What about Michael? All the SPOILERS have Michael waking up from his coma thanks to Robin and Patrick. Once he wakes up, where will his story go? There are plenty of THEORIES out there, some are most likely FANFIC. Michael will be SORAS’d, most likely to his late teens and he SHOULD be a bit of a rebellious teen. Will he reconnect with his Quartermaine roots? I’ve always said a great storyline would be Jason’s amnesia after the accident in the reverse. Let Michael come out of his coma and not identify with Carly or Sonny but bring in the Q’s who he would feel this pull towards. That MAY be along the lines of what is happening. Some SAY Michael will reconnect with Robin, there’s a “script” floating around of Michael getting in trouble behind the wheel and there has also been TALK about Sonny not giving up Claudia despite her involvement and Michael will resent his father because of it.

So I’m not a fan of Ethan Lovett… I fail to see the point of the character and why he was introduced in the middle of a crisis. Especially when he has nothing to do with said crisis. I know, I know, he MAY be saving Lulu and all that but really, does Luke need to be hanging out in a bar with a 20-something con man while his wife and kids are trapped inside a burning hospital? Is this what Luke Spencer has been reduced to? I said in comments yesterday on another blog post that they better make Ethan Holly and Robert’s son so that my time is not wasted. Still not sure who Ethan is and at this point I really don’t care. Do any of you?

The Port Charles hotel burned to the ground, the Metro Court’s lobby exploded, Kelly’s was trashed by the Russians and Sonnybucks was also wrecked. Is there anything left for Guza to trash? The Hospital which he is currently exploding and burning down as well. Kelly’s is re-opening, the Hospital is being re-built, at some point Jason will need his offices back…Sorry, I’m still bitter that people are losing their jobs but GH has the funds for new sets.

Nikolas stalks Rebecca Shaw… and NOW RUMORS say he starts falling for the Emily look-a-like. Have I mentioned that as much as I love Natty, I am hating Rebecca? I know, I know there really isn’t much for me to gage my hate on but her walking around the exploding hospital like an idiot is not endearing me to her.


Anthony’s missing… Guza’s greatest pairing ever team back up to look for him.