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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations


Kate: Sonny, I have to tell you something.

Sonny: Spit it out cuz I gotta go shoot someone or something

Kate: No, I'd rather talk about the fact that I need to tell you something rather than actually saying what it is that I need to say, so I'm not actually going to say it, even though this would be a perfect opportunity for me to......wait, where are you going?"

Kate: Olivia get that DVD that conveniently fell out of Claudia's robe

Olivia: Even though this DVD is what you've been wanking at me for eleventy hours, I'm such a biatch, that I will go throw it in the fire, which apparently is five feet away from us.

Carly: Jax' plane just crashed

Winnie: Why yes, it says it right here on my trusty information device that 'a plane owned by Jasper Jackes has crashed after an attempt to save the people'. Good thing my trusty information device has up to the second information.

Nik: Are you sure Emily didn't have a sister?

Edward and Monica: Well, even though you knew Emily almost as long as we did and was married to her and probably know her history, we will repeat it for the audience sake that no, Emily did not have any other relatives.

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Rebecca: Why did you come back for me?

Perkie: Because you're wandering around in a burning building like an idiot

Alexis: Jax you're alive.

Jax: Yup. Crashed the plane. Couple of cars are toast. My bad. Got another plane for me?

Alexis: Let me give you a hug before I head back to the unused closet with Ric.

Luke: I'm completely unaware that my entire family is in a crisis, so I will continue to drink and play pool with this guy I met five hours ago.

Ethan: Yes, and then we'll get held up by some strange couple who will then turn out to be police. Thanks for telling us that, owner of the bar who apparently didn't see these two people hold a gun on us.

Liz: Even though you're completely able bodied and a police officer and should stay to help the evacuation, come with me.

Lucky: You'll survive the giant potato flake storm to raise our boys.

Johnny: Your kid is sick. Let's go.

Robin: Ah crap, stupid kid.