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The Truth About Martha Madison

We've been hearing rumblings for weeks now that former Days of Our Lives starlet Martha Madison (ex-Belle) was headed for Guiding Light. First we heard the show was interested in Madison for the role of Marah Shayne Lewis. Then came talk that it's actually Michelle Bauer Santos, whom Madison could be re-creating.

"Not true," says a Guiding Light rep, concerning Madison inhabiting Marah's designer pumps. " Also, we've just begun casting the role of Michelle."


Too bad. I could totally see the blonde beauty as Reva's fiery daughter. Madison came alive during Belle's Post Partum Depression storyline when she was allowed to abandon the character's saccharine-sweetness and be all nasty and bitchtastic to Meems (Farah Fath). She was also amazing opposite Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) when Belle was later caught up in an illicit affair with her true love's best friend. 

Can you imagine a bitter Marah returning to Springfield hellbent on destroying her mother's marriage to her former love Jeffrey? What if she teamed up with Edmund to do it? What if Marah hated Dinah, the new woman in her little brother Shayne's life, and set out to come between them, perhaps by trying to manipulate a reunion between Shayne and Marina?

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Guiding Light needs a young Reva Shayne, scheming and sexing all over Peapack—preferably in a trashy red dress— and Madison would be fierce with that kind of material. As for the actress as Michelle...not so much. Madison proved on Days she needs to play a firecracker, not a saint, and where is Nancy St. Alban anyway?