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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Everything comes to the surface on The Young and the Restless...


Gloria: Ms. Bardwell receives some information that may change the tides for her

Its going to be another case of Déjà Vu for the Chancellor matriarch next week when she gets kidnapped once again by Clint! Roger, Clint and Annie snag the grand dame so they can get a huge ransom for her. At first Annie tells the motley crew that the woman they have is Marge, then the gang gets info that the DNA test Kay took proves she really is Katherine. The trio decide to keep Kay hostage until Esther marries Roger so that he can gain access to her portion of the Chancellor estate Kay left her. Look for another face of the past to be involved in this storyline.

She and Roger get hitched.

He and Heather get into it about Adam.

When she returns to town, she tells her childhood sweetie and friend she's in love with him.

Brad's Will:
Colleen and Abby are in for a shock when their dad's will is read. Ashley's not the executor of Abby's estate, someone else is which pains her.

Billy: For some reason Billy decides to reveal the truth to Lily, he's the father of Chloe's baby. When Chloe shows up, Lily bitches her out and Chloe winds up going into labor! Billy and Lily are forced to deliver Chloe's baby due to them being stuck in a snow storm. Lily gets help from her aunt Olivia via the phone to deliver Chloe's baby. Now some spoilers say that Billy and Lily use a sled to bring Chloe and the baby to Cane and a waiting ambulance. Others say that after Chloe gives birth, Cane busts in the cabin and declares his love for Lily and he and baby brother Billy take Chloe and her little girl down to the waiting ambulance. At the hospital, the doctor fills them in that Chloe's in serious condition due to problems during her delivery.

Lily rages at him for all the lies he's told and convinces him to tell Cane the truth. Billy decides to head out to a bar to drink himself silly when Jack shows up and convinces him to step up to the plate regarding his baby girl. Jack lets Billy know he regrets not being active in his kids lives and lets him know he too may feel the same. Billy decides to man up and go to the hospital to fill Cane in on the truth regarding baby Mitchell. Unfortunately for Billy, Cane sees that he's tanked and decides that he can't be near the baby and has Billy thrown out before he can speak up! Billy ends up back to the bar where he bumps into Sharon where the two get hammered and decide to leave the bar.... Together! Meanwhile Chloe grows a conscience and decides to spill all to Cane....


Murphy/Katherine: Kay lets Murph know she's in love with him. Could wedding bells be ringing for them soon?

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Kevin: He sleeps with Amber.

Daniel: He leaves town after finding out about his bff and his girlfriend.

Phyllis: Still pissed about Nick and Sharon's romp at the Abbott cabin, she sleeps with Adam.

Nick: He purchases Crimson Lights back from Kevin.

Sharon: She has some huge news.

Noah: He has a breakdown.

Romance comes her way and Victor's not happy about it.

He betrays Ashley (isn't he doing that now?).

Nikki: Victor's by her side when she needs help.

Adrian: Prof. Korbel's back in Genoa City and has news that will crush two of the towns women.