USA Cancels The Starter Wife

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Okay, if one more television executive cancels another of my favorite shows or fires one more of my beloved actresess this week, I just may take to drinking—okay, drinking A LOT! USA has cancelled the hilarious Debra Messing vehicle The Starter Wife. Grrr!


Why is that every freaking, ripped-from-the-headlines, recycled plot-utilizing procedural on television is doing so all-fired well, yet soapy dramedies are dying on the vine? In a time of economic turmoil and civil unrest (Have you been to the Kroger on Double Coupon Day?) are we as a society really more stimulated by watching 75 crime scene investigators, all across network and cable television, determine that some serial killer-of-the-week is responsible for someone's brain goo being smeared all over a ranch house floor?

 People you know how those procedurals are gonna end, the detective who is generally much hotter and far wittier than anyone who has ever made me walk a straight line on the streets of Miami or New York or Peapack, always solves the case before the last 10 minutes, unless it's a two-parter! Watch a serial or two for crying out in high definition! It won't kill 'ya!