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All My Children Exec Producer: "Reese is Confused"

Reese Williams is simply the most misunderstood lesbian in Pine Valley, according to All My Children executive producer Julie Hanan Caruthers. Michael Fairman interviewed Caruthers for on the groundbreaking occasion of Rianca's wedding, airing tomorrow and Monday. Here's a snippet of the interview.

112408_TBraun_ERiegel_240x320 concern among the LGBT community is that Reese will leave Bianca for Zach, and it has angered many who worry that she has feelings for him. How would you respond?

Julie Hanan Carruthers:
First of all, it’s not true. I think what’s confused in Reese’s head is she has misinterpreted a friendship. Zach is one of the [few] people who have not kicked her to the curb, so to speak, in Pine Valley. She is a confused, insecure person at the moment. She has never wavered in her commitment to Bianca. It’s solid. Reese has just had a lot of emotional stuff hit. Her family is rejecting and judging her... in both her family and Bianca’s."

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