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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.13.09


Friday the 13th…Q&A Day, but I may not be on my computer as much today so ask away and I’ll answer if and when I can.

Nikolas saves Rebecca…. But will he make it out? He will, Rebecca needs to serve him with a restraining order at some point. Most likely happening in March. Back to Nikolas needing the saving, Jason hasn’t had nearly enough hero time; Nikolas’s plight will give him another notch on his hero belt. They are turning Nikolas into a stalker. He will be asking everyone and anyone about Rebecca. What about the Lucky drop, the one where Rebecca MAY show an interest in Nikolas’s brother. Well Lucky goes to talk to Rebecca asking her to understand why Nikolas is so obsessed with her.

Will Spinelli make it out OK? The hospital explodes before Jason can get to him. No worries, as I mentioned above Jason is earning those notches. Remember, Spin is not off the hook until Anthony is located. Will Winnie ride to the rescue?

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Kate isn’t done… She’ll “taunt” Claudia with what she knows but is she going back to Greystone for more hard evidence? Sorry Skate fans, Sonny sides with his bride against the woman he loves. Someone said Sonny has ADD and I agree. Another DVD SHOULD be surfacing. Who finds it? So what’s stopping Kate from just telling Sonny what really happened the night Michael was shot? Early RUMORS had Claudia blackmailing the Fashionista but is it really Sonny who stops Kate? When he tells her, Claudia or no Claudia, he wouldn’t take Kate back, Kate decides to keep her trap shut as there’s really no reason to spill if she can’t get Sonny back.

FANFIC or SPOILER… Another recycle? Can we consider a Who’s the Daddy storyline a recycle? RUMORS have been rampant that Claudia winds up knocked up but by whom? Will Claudia know who the real father is but have another play daddy? Or will Claudia claim Sonny is the dad to save her own hyde? RUMORS have the truth coming out and Claudia’s only recourse is to let is spill that she is pregnant, by her hubby even though it’s highly possible and most likely that Ric is the proud papa. Claudia convinces Ric to keep his trap shut to save her life and their child’s.

What I like to call the Young Adult set… What’s happening with JoLu and JoMax? Is Spixie going to be the story? I get these questions all the time and honestly it SEEMS to me, they’re going to try to see who works and who doesn’t. Ethan and Lulu will get a test. JoLu MAY be headed for a break-up. Maxie SHOULD be coming clean with Spinelli about her and Johnny in that abandoned garage. Will that send Spinelli straight into Winnie’s arms? Would Spinelli walk away from Maxie altogether? Will Lulu and Ethan lock lips and what about all those Matt RUMORS? Will poor Matt Hunter-Drake catch a break?


Are Lucky and Elizabeth too connected not to be reunited? That looks like the story we’ll be getting for the pair. Too many memories of better times and dreams dreamt.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… If they can’t find Anthony to keep Spinelli’s butt out of prison who will take the fall? Will Jason turn on Sonny or will Ric be handed over to the Feds? Is there an explanation for all the holes in this bio-toxin storyline? They shot scenes out of order.