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Meg Bennett Returns to General Hospital's Writing Staff?

A tip just came in that veteran actress/soap scribe Meg Bennett has returned to the writer's staff at General Hospital. Bennett rose to fame as Julia, the very first Mrs. Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless in 1980, before eventually pulling double duty both as an actress and a script writer on the soap for several years.

Bennett went on to write for practically every soap on the dial (The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital, GenerationsSanta Barbara, Sunset Beach and General Hospital: Night Shift). She also managed to squeeze in the occasional acting gig—she was the mother of one of C.C. Capwell's illegitimate children on Santa Barbara and taught Sam McCall how to dance on GH. Oh and she's also Mrs. Bob Guza. I know that last distinction will cause some of you to no doubt bear your claws, but you know how protective I am of my Guza. Besides, anybody doubly associated with Santa Barbara is welcome back to the daytime table in my book!

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