Can This Couple Keep The (Guiding) Light Turned On?

This diehard Pharley fan is thisclose to forgiving Beth for coming between my fave Guiding Light couple. I never saw the "magic" of Phillip and Beth (Grant Aleksander and Beth Chamberlin) during my initial viewing experience with the couple (1997-2004), since I started watching the show in '93, long after their 80's era glory years. 

I adored Pharley like I now adore General Hospital's Liason (Boy, talk about being a glutton for punishment!), so I always viewed Beth as an unecessary and unecessarily fertile thorne in Harley's side. A curse on James' head for being born and wrecking Pharley!  

Now with poor Beth Ehlers trying to figure out what in the name of Agnes Nixon she's supposed to be doing on All My Children, I am free to view Phillip and Beth with new eyes.I have to admit, I like what I see. Check out this clip using footage from this week's shows compiled by GLFAN1. Someone needs to get this You Tube genius a job at Proctor and Gamble Productions, Inc. ASAP!