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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I could totally get into a Matt/Nadine hook up. They looked totally cute together, hanging out in the ambulance and she doesn't seem all weird and cooky around him.

I wish Patrick would have told Agent Raynor to shove it, that he was going to Mercy to make sure his brother and his baby were ok and that he'd give a statement later.

I love Maxie, but the girl is an idiot. She doesn't even know where to begin looking for Spinelli. So why wander around a burning building.

Loved the Tracy/Lulu interactions. See, it is possible to like Lulu (although I think it's because she's not with Johnny)

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Love (and that's sarcastically) how Trevor whips out this fragile ball out of the container, plays with it, then throws it over, which Sam somehow manages to catch and then Jason manages to catch and the ball doesn't explode from the overhandling. Sure.

Love that Trevor is dead. Stupid asshat Trevor. He will not be missed by me. And if Ric needs a shoulder to cry on, well, I'm right here!!

Loved the Alexis/Diane conversation.

Hated everything Rebecca. I'm sorry to NL and her fans, but that was just all around bad acting.

Loved the CarJax reunion. Hated the ClauSon one. And Kate, Claudia's a crazy nutbar who will likely kill you to shut you up, so zip it with the exposure threats