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Rick Forrester Joins The Army

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In its latest issue, Soap Opera Weekly is reporting that The Bold and the Beautiful’s Rick Forrester (Kyle Lowder) is joining the army. If it wasn’t odd enough for Bridget to suddenly ditch her medical career and become a designer, now her brother is signing up for military service. Maybe next month Donna will leave her honey bear and become a nun. Lowder had this to say:


If you’re going to tell the story, it has to be legit. And in my opinion they did that and I’m happy with it. Rick’s whole family has a scene right before he joins, where they’re talking about not just the wrong doing that he’s done toward Forrester Creations, but toward his own family... I, as the actor in this storyline, was playing this with nothing but the highest of respect and seriousness toward the situation.

Would Rick pass the medical with only one kidney? For the full interview, check out the February 24th edition of Soap Opera Weekly.

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