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Wishful Casting: Melissa Reeves as Guiding Light's Harley Davidson Cooper

With Phillip back in Springfield to contend with the mothers of his children (Beth, Olivia), and about to be caught in the middle of a full-blown reigniting of the Cooper vs. Spaulding feud, it only makes sense that the mother of his son Zack, make her way back to town. It's time for Harley Davidson Cooper to come home. While I've often talked about how I would love to see former Another World and One Life to Live star Jensen Buchanan inhabit the role, the absolute, near-perfect Harley recast came to me today— Days of Our Lives superstar Melissa Reeves.


While Buchanan was AW's last great heroine, Reeves was one of the biggest stars in daytime, in fact, for a time, all of television. Her TVQ rating at one point was rumored to be as high as The Golden Girls' Estelle Getty. I predict droves of lamented Jennifer Horton fans just might follow Reeves to Peapack.

A few years ago, Reeves left Days, claiming she and her family yearned for a simpler life in Tennessee or Kentucky or somewhere, but somehow we bet if Ken "The Soap Slayer" Corday had gotten his head out of his behind and actually insisted on a writer giving Jack and Jennifer a decent storyline, Reeves would have foregone the heartland a bit longer.

Like Ehlers, Reeves possesses that spunky effervescence that soap fans immediately connect to. She also has history with Crystal Chappell (Olivia) who played her BFF Carly Manning on Days. Even if P&G just flew the actress in two days a week it could be quite the coupe as GL and Days are timeslot competitors in many markets. To sweeten the deal, why not offer Reeves' former suds hunk hubby-turned-musician Scott Reeves the role of younger Spaulding scion Alan-Michael? Either him or Matt Ashford. I would love nothing more than to see a good 500,000 Days viewers head over to GL, causing Corday to finally fire Dena Higley. Plus if it buys GL enough time and enough money to prayerfully find a doggone studio it could be a win-win!

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