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General Hospital Spoilers and Promo!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.16.09

Robin’s Post Partum Depression… It’s not over. Robin will think that it has passed her but another Emma won’t stop crying episode is coming and Patrick SHOULD still be urging his wife to seek some help. Scrubs fans SHOULD get a nice Drake family moment before Emma starts with the fussing again that has Robin leaving the house and Patrick and Emma.

Johnny gets Maxie out of General Hospital. Spinelli is found by Jason and Sam. Remember, the new hospital debuts in April. I’m usually not so resistant to change but there’s just something about this remodel that isn’t sitting right with me. Could it be that people are losing their jobs due to budgetary cuts but they have the money for a new set? That’s part of it but it’s also that familiar feel of GH which surely will be lost with the update. I’ve said it before; there is a way to update the set that is most likely more economical and still hold on to what is classic GH.

Sam… She SHOULD have a heavy month or so of story. They MAY be pumping up her story before Kelly Monaco starts her Vegas show. I’ve mentioned it before, it MAY be more difficult to schedule around than originally thought. What will Sam be doing? One RUMOR has her helping in the search for Anthony Zacchara.

Someone has to take the fall not that Anthony is missing. Will it be Sonny? No, in Guza’s world Sonny never pays. Will it be Ric who was working with Anthony? Or will Rayner have to charge Spinelli with his crimes? Here’s a question… Shouldn’t Rayner focus on Equinox and the deadly toxin they were transporting through Port Charles? The mob will still be there when you solve that crime. Let’s not forget the RUMORS that Rayner is one of the bad guys. Look for Winnie to help save Spin’s butt by exposing her superiors. Sonny could care less about Rayner’s threats.

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Where is Anthony? RUMORS have him trekking back to Port Chuck and straight for Greystone. RUMORS say Anthony will be taking his daughter hostage.

Ethan… I’m still trying to figure out why this boy is on my screen. Tracy posts bail for Ethan; will Luke get sprung as well? SPOILERS say Tracy leaves her hubby in the slammer. Does this mean Tracy will be OK? She was exposed to and affected by the toxin. Speaking of which, shouldn’t Kate and Claudia have been whisked away to Mercy immediately? They were also exposed to something that killed a few people.

Rebecca Shaw meet your shadow, Nikolas Cassadine. He’s convinced you’re related to his dead fiancée Emily Quartermaine. What about those RUMORS that Sam would be the P.I. on the case? Not so sure that’s happening as I haven’t seen that RUMOR since it was originally put out there. We SHOULD be getting a Rebecca-Elizabeth scene as well as a Lucky-Rebecca scene.


RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Will someone else find out about the Zacchara’s involvement in Michael’s shooting? Johnny’s keeping that secret from Lulu. Will Spinelli be the one to uncover the secret? Will Spin tell Maxie? We all know she’s not that great at keeping the Jackal’s secret. Michael… He MAY not be the only one getting the SORAS’d treatment. RUMOR has it Kristina is going to be aged to her teens and be somewhat of a trouble maker. Olivia gets in Kate’s way, again.