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Last Week's B&B: Romeo and Juliet Flop Again

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As seems to be par for the course these days – lots of people were having conversations about Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Steffy’s (Jaqueline MacInnes Wood) relationship. The week began with Brooke telling Rick, “you don’t grieve for somebody by getting involved with their twin sister.” Considering he was recently engaged to the twins’ mother too, it’s just downright nasty. Plus, her “granddad” is Rick’s father. Yuck.


James Warwick continued his “intervention” by telling Steffy that Rick was using her. It was all a bit slapdash – he didn’t even bother to talk about it properly with her, he just parroted what Taylor and Stephanie had told him. Taylor even called him “one of the most respected psychiatrists in the world.” At least that gave me a laugh.

I can still remember when he was chained and held captive in a cage by Sheila Carter and ended up porking the loony tune. Further back, there was the time he came to amnesiac Taylor’s aid – she was being held captive by Moroccan Prince Omar, and James went under a false identity – Brewster McKenzie (pronounced BREWsterrr McKEEEENzieeee) the Scottish biographer. He’s had quite a few high-jinks for a world-renowned psychiatrist. And of course Taylor popped his (somewhat over-ripe) cherry when he was approximately fifty-seven because they were caught in an earthquake. The 40 Year Old Virgin had nothing on Dr Warwick.

Anyway, after hearing James’s opinion, Steffy declared “fine, fine, fine, I’ll break it off.” If only it had been that easy.

Next up, guess who overheard Brooke and Rick discussing the relationship? Yes, it was Ridge, who blew a gasket and chased Rick around the living room. I wish they’d played the Road Runner theme during that sequence, it would’ve been nice. After Rick jumped over a sofa during his great escape, he then sped off with none other than Steffy in the backseat. Jeez, she pops up everywhere like a bad smell, moaning her whiny ass off. I can’t take it anymore. The Wacky Races of L.A. were at least comical, but I’m not sure that was the intention.

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Other important news: Thomas was back and he was wearing a big woolly jumper. He too had an opinion on the Rick/Steffy relationship. It must end, he’s using you, blah blah blah. Now I’m thinking they are going to resurrect (Pam’s dog) Tiny to find out the pooch’s opinion - it seems everybody else has weighed in. Bridget needs to put her medical skills to good use and reanimate Tiny’s corpse.

Katie and Bridget had a face-off that was pretty underwhelming, sadly. Katie flashed her bling, blew Bridget’s cover as Madame X and the pair simpered at each other for a little while. There was a nice underlying competitiveness to their scene, but it didn’t play out all that interestingly. Katie admitted she felt “a certain level of guilt about Nick.” That terminal trollop; Bridget should have beaten her drippy aunt around the head for that one. And by zee way, Bridgeeeet, zat French accent is not working for moi.

Back at Forrester Creations, Felicia wanted “daddy” to appoint Thorne president and by the end of the week, Eric had given Brooke the choice to fire Rick or keep him on. She “cut him loose” and to celebrate he proposed to the whiny one, Steffy. Oh, the joy. I am foaming at the mouth here, but not in anticipation, I really think this show is sending me insane.  


Question of the week: will Brooke keep handing over her kids to dementia-stricken Beth?