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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans, my apologies for the lack of spoilers these past few weeks, real life has, unfortunately, been in the way.  If you rely on my spoilers to keep you up to date, rest assured, you haven't really missed much.  This week (sans Monday, apologies again), Lucas learns the real reason Chloe dumped him, Melanie and Philip lock lips, and Hope loses the privilege of being Salem's only smart cop. What else is in store?  Keep reading for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (February 17 - 20).


Chloe feels bad about dumping Lucas.  Might it be because she hasn’t been completely honest about why she dumped him?  To make the guilt worse, she runs into Lucas and Allie at the park and everyone gets more upset – why?  Chloe realises she still loves Lucas… and Daniel.  Lucas sees Chloe with Allie and he realises the problems with being a single dad – children don't understand break ups.  After he and Allie leave, Father Matt happens along and Chloe takes the opportunity to confess all her woes. Father Matt tells Chloe she needs to ask God for a sign.  Lo and behold, Chloe gets it when Daniel calls.  Chloe meets him at his apartment where he shares the good news that Kate is in remission (yay!) and they’re now (guilt) free to leave town.  That’s when drunk Lucas shows up, banging at the door (*channels whiny, drunk Lucas voice* "Come on maaan, why you gotta be doing my woomn??" *mumble mumble*)

Drunk?  Lucas?  How can that be?  I thought he was sworn sober and boring.  Well, Lucas was upset by the Chloe encounter – things were perfect, how did it all go so wrong? *Sigh* Lucas decides to forgo his 10 year sobriety chip and a have a drink.  Or 15.  Melanie sees him at the Cheatin’ Heart and tattles to Maggie.  Oh no!  Maggie, like the good AA sponsor she is, races to Lucas’ side, where he confides he doesn’t understand why Chloe left him.  Even though he's drunk and probably wont remember it in the morning, Maggie tells him the truth about the affair.  Uh oh!  Lucas (girl)screams and wants to know why Maggie didn't tell him (erm, to avoid the girl scream?).  Maggie ignores him and says she'll start drinking too if he keeps going (drinking).  Lucas wont have that on his conscience.  Drunk Lucas decides he wants to talk with Chloe.  Unfortunately Drunk Lucas can't dial the numbers (everyone knows you shouldn't drink and dial LOL). Sober Maggie is thankful.  Drunk Lucas decides he'll talk to Chloe in person instead.  Sober Maggie thinks this isn't the best idea Lucas has had all night either.  Drunk Lucas tricks Sober Maggie (he's smarter when he's drunk?) and heads to Daniel’s apartment.  Banging on the door alerts Daniel and Chloe to his drunken presence.  But what’s that funny smell?  Gas you say?  Yep, you guessed it, ka-boom!  Lucas gets blown up (I take back the 'smarter when drunk' comment).

Speaking of blowing up, so does Philip – mentally that is; after seeing EJ give Melanie money, he wants to know what’s going on.  Is Melanie shopping around?  No, she tells Philip – the Alternate Fuels Project is safe at Titan... as long as Philip dumps Stephanie (villains always have a catch).  Philip tells her no and don’t double cross him (ooh, scary).  Is Melanie getting in over her head? EJ is well aware Melanie’s using the project to get to Philip, but while she's playing games, he plans on getting the rights to the project.  Philip realises he needs to lift his game.  He goes to see Melanie and tells her he wants her… romantically… and kisses her just as Stephanie walks in.  What’s Steph doing there?  She wants to confront Melanie, but that thought goes out of her head when she sees Philip plant one on her rival.  She leaves upset.  Melanie knows Philip’s declaration is fake, but the joy of getting one over Stephanie was just too good to pass up.  She tells Philip to leave; then Stephanie comes back to slap Melanie in the face. BITCHFIGHT ALERT!

Can Chelsea provide a shoulder to cry on for Stephanie?  A better question is will Stephanie want to see Chelsea after she learns Chelsea and Max are together?  Yes Chex fans, after the fight they have on Monday, Max and Chelsea kiss and make-up… literally.  Again, Melanie is there to witness and is the first to congratulate the couple, in her usual, special way.  Chelsea tells bff Steph about the kiss and Steph is surprisingly ok with it.  In turn, Chelsea offers advice about half-uncle Philip, don’t give up on him just yet.

Bo’s not giving up on Hope either.  In their relationship or her career.  Even Kayla turns up at Hope’s hearing, despite giving Steve a coronary when she leaves her hospital bed to be there.  At the hearing the result is not good.  Hope has to hand in her badge and gun… to Bo!  Despite this setback, Bo begs Hope to give him another chance, but is Hope willing?

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Is Mia still willing for Nicole to have her baby?  Maybe not after Nicole snapped at her on the phone on Monday’s episode.  Mia’s phone call is only the tip of the nightmare this week’s going to be for Nicole.  Brady wants to know what happened between her and Dr Baker.  Nicole covers up.  Dr Baker tells Nicole Brady is in love with her.  Nicole gets all flustered.  She tries to make love to EJ, but he says no – asking aren’t they supposed to wait awhile after the birth?  At least someone’s thinking straight.  Unfortunately Nicole covers with more lies and since love really is blind (and stupid in this case), EJ buys them.  Enter Nicole's next problem – learning of Sami's impending return.  This really makes Nicole freak out – she dreams EJ learns the truth and returns Sydney to her rightful mother.  Actually, it’s really a question of when.  What Nicole doesn’t realize yet is her other problem is named Philip; he overheard her and Brady discussing her problems and knows that she is keeping something from EJ. *sings* Blackmail!

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Kate and Daniel share a moment, leaving Kate wondering if she should give their relationship another chance
  • Victor plays Brady and Philip off one another with fiery results
  • Stefano worries about Melanie’s impact on the DiMera’s (hell really hath frozen over, I mean please, like he couldn’t squash her like a bug if he really wanted to)
  • Tony warns EJ about waging a war against the Kiriakis’

Coming Up Next Week (February 23 - 27):

  • Will returns
  • Kate finds out about Daniel and Chloe’s affair - the return of EVIL BITCH Kate??? Yes please!
  • Philip threatens to expose Nicole’s secret - Yes please! Now!
  • Sami becomes emotional when she meets Sydney - Ding! Ding! Ding! Sami!?

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: *channels the great Stefano DiMera* It's good to be back!