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Five Things I Actually Like About Sam McCall

For all of you Spam, I mean Sam fans I know you put up with a lot in terms of DC's unequivocable, unashamed bias towards, well what could have been one of the most amazing supercouples in the last decade of soaps, aka Liason. With that in mind, I decided to jot down five things I actually like about Sam McCall. Don't say I never gave 'ya nuthin!


1.) She's hot.

2.) She's really, really hot. Like convert Broadway show boys hot.

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3.) She's good in scenes with Maxie and Spinelli, although I fear she's a bad influence on the Maxinista...wait, positve, right, she's good in scenes with Maxie and Spinelli.

4.) She knows how to use what she's got going for her (See 1,2). Not since Abby Fairgate seduced the kidnappers on Seaview Circle on Knots Landing, has a sexpot been able to so successfully flirt down so many crazed maniacs. Gotta love a girl who can dance with the devil in the pale moonlight, or on the roof (Trevor) or tied to a chair (Jerry) or up against the wall (Manny).

5.) She made Schmucky bearable. I have never bought Lucky as a Dudley Do-Right, Donut eater. For a while, thanks to Sam, the character actually seemed fun for the first time since Jonathan Jackson inhabited the role.

Now's your turn. Tell us five things YOU like about Sam McCall and Liasonites play nice. This is their turn!