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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.17.08


Ethan and the Spencers… Is it Tracy who suggests Ethan get a job on the Haunted Star? I mentioned Tracy bailing Ethan out and there are RUMORS that Luke sets Ethan up with a place to stay, the Quartermaine Mansion. What happens IF Luke and Ethan need to be bailed out again? Will Tracy leave them both sitting there? What about Lulu and the RUMORS that she’ll be hooking up with Ethan? Those RUMORS are still out there as well as more Johnny and Maxie stuff headed our way. Will Maxie see Ethan plant one on Lulu? What about the almost sex but hot make-out session at the abandoned garage? When will Lulu find out? RUMOR has it that Spinelli MAY be the one who tells Lulu what happened.

Lulu and Maxie will be back at work this week. Translation: General Hospital needs to fit in the Campbell’s Go Red Campaign. When the model doesn’t show to strut her stuff in the red dress, Lulu suggests Maxie fills in.

So Nikolas is a stalker and Rebecca has him served with a restraining order. What if she goes as far as having Nikolas’s own brother arrest him for violating the order? That’s a SPOILER out there and this one goes along with the one that has Rebecca showing an interest in Lucky. Could it be some harmless flirting to piss Nikolas off?

Jason and Sonny reunited and it feels so…
right? Wrong? I’ll let you each decide on your own. The former partners are SUPPOSED to team up to search for the missing Anthony but it SEEMS like Jason will be doing the searching while Sonny is bedding his wife and playing referee between Kate and Claudia. Friday, Sonny sides with his wife over the love of his life. Kate is determined to find another of Jerry’s DVDs.


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Will Skate fans be getting the Liason treatment? RUMORS say Sonny tells Kate he can’t go back to her because his life is too dangerous. Kate may have appreciated that conversation two hospital stays ago.

Are Sam and Lucky getting a better break-up? Considering we’re still within the same day (hell I’ll give them a slight break and say 48 hours) as the last hot tub scene for the road and that pathetic break-up scene for LuSam, will the fans get some better closure? SPOILERS say they’ll officially end their relationship.

More on Spinelli… RUMORS say he’ll find out about the Z Family involvement in Michael’s shooting. Who does he tell?

More info on Kristina Davis-Corinthos getting SORAS’d. It looks like this is happening in conjunction with Michael waking up from his coma. Is this the Sweeps storyline? Possibly. RUMOR has it, Kristina will be around 15 and as I mentioned, quite the troublemaker. There is a “script” floating around (could be an audition piece) of Jason “saving” Kristina when he finds her in a bar. Will Kristina try to flirt with her dad’s former BFF?

What about Dante? The RUMBLES have become WHISPERS. Was the casting of Sonny Corinthos’ son that difficult?

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Can you get your revenge if it kills you? CarJax hit the sheets. Claudia is her father’s hostage. Rebecca sees Emily. Ric and Rayner have a meet and greet. RUMORS of a new teenage girl hitting the canvas… is this the SORAS’d Kristina or another character?

I really do not like Ethan and apparently there are fans that do…
I don’t get it, so if you like Ethan Lovett, tell me why. According to SPOILERS, there is more to Ethan than meets the eye. There better be…cause there are FAR TOO MANY actors and actresses not being used! They use Luke Spencer as filler, his son is written like an idiot, his daughter is a selfish shrew, the PCPD are all considered to be idiots, and the Quartermaines have been reduced to filler as well… Sorry, when I read “Ethan is a hit” and “I love Ethan” it makes my blood boil.