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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Why is Natalia Livingston playing Rebecca as so annoyed? I get that she just got out of a burning building and that can't be fun, but she seems to be so pissed that everyone thinks she's Emily. I've never been in that situation, but I can't believe that I would get that angry if people kept saying that I looked like their sister/daughter/wife. Turn it down a notch.

The last we saw of Lulu, she was sitting by Tracy's bedside, cozy and warm, being human and almost watchable. But now she's back on site, hugging Carly and complaining about Johnny. So here's a crazy question. Why is she wrapped up in a blanket like she just got rescued from the building? She had time to go home, change out of that hideous dress into jeans and a coat before going back. So why the blanket? Also, stop yelling at the firefighters who are doing their job, you shrewing shrew. Having said that, I loved that JoMax got out and hugged, right in front of her.

Kate/Claudia: Apparently Kate does have a death wish because if I was Claudia Zachara, someone was threatening to expose my biggest secret and I have no problem with killing, well, let's just say Kate wouldn't be long for this world.

While it's looking like Claudia will tell Sonny the truth, I was hoping she'd turn the tables on Kate and tell Sonny that Kate had threatened to lie about who shot Michael. Then when Kate does confront Sonny, he wouldn't believe her and would think she was blowing smoke up his butt to make Claudia look bad. Again, just something I would do in that situation.

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I was glad that Carly was civil to Alexis when talking to her about Sam's chances of getting out of the building. Too often Carly snarks her out, but this time she didn't and if they keep writing Carly like this, I might start liking her! On the other hand, I wasn't happy with Alexis telling Jax not to go back up to the roof one more time since there might actually be people up there waiting for him to return.

Love Mac and I loved that he checked in on Robin and Emma, but I do think he's got more pressing things to deal with right now. It seemed out of place to have the police commissioner visiting hospital patients while a major crisis is going down.

Did Jason actually throw the toxic ball into the fire? Did I miss a scene where they mentioned that it was safe to do that?