Unto Us An Abbott Is Born

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Unto us an Abbott is born, wrapped in swaddling, its mother lying in a cabin. I loved that Billy Abbott was there for the birth of his child on yesterday's The Young and the Restless.Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson did great jobs in those scenes. The look on Billy's face in the picture above was priceless and hearing Chloe make him promise to take care of the baby no matter what gave the character of Chloe a tad bit more humanity.


Then there were Lily (Christel Khalil), Cane (Daniel Goddard) and the snow storm. I understand the theory of sending someone out into the middle of a snow storm to get help, but to turn it into a telephone/walkie talkie relay seemed a little odd. I will give Lily this though, at least she was willing to help Chloe. As for Cane, wasn't the death of Brad (Don Diamont) enough to keep the upstanding citizens of Genoa City from trekking through the forest in the middle of a snow storm? Chloe appeared to have made it to the cabin before the snow storm hit, but Cane went searching for a cabin he'd never been to as a snow storm hit? I understand love conquers all, but stupid is as stupid does and Cane proved once again that beauty does not beget brains. More pictures after the jump.