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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here’s the Scoop! 02.18.09


Robin and Patrick and the Post Partum Depression… It appears that Robin had a breakthrough and she even mentioned that she felt like herself again. Is the PPD storyline over and out? No. As I mentioned, Robin should be having another breakdown of sorts when Emma won’t settle down, leaving the crying baby with Patrick. Robin wants to return to work. Will the Scorpio – Drakes be in the market for a nanny? Will Robin seek treatment for her Post Partum? SPOILERS say she and Patrick will discuss it.

Rebecca… Nikolas wants to know all he can, Rebecca is creeped out by Nikolas and Tracy isn’t so sure the Q’s should be involved with the Emily look-a-like. I’ve already dished on the possible Lucky-Rebecca stuff, she’ll be much comfortable with Lucky. Will we see another quad with Nikolas-Rebecca-Lucky-Elizabeth? All reports say LL2 is the story but they will be involved in the Nikolas-Rebecca storyline.

Where’s Nadine? We say keep Claire Coffee and hook her up with Matt Hunter. Nikolas obviously forgot about his current girlfriend in favor of his dead fiancé’s look-a-like. Will we ever see Nadine again? The RUMOR was that Nadine would sort of just disappear from our screens. Does this mean the Nikadine fans will have no closure at all? Who MAY have some time with Matt Hunter? Rebecca! SPOILERS say that Rebecca will appreciate that Matt is one of the only people in town who has no ties or memories of Emily Quartermaine.

Will Rebecca’s tie to Nikolas only be because of her resemblance to Emily? Remember, when the Rebecca RUMORS first started, she was supposed to be this bad girl who’s working for the bad guys. What if she’s an undercover agent working for the same people who hijacked the Equinox shipment? What if Rebecca needs the patent that Nikolas now owns? What if they knew Rebecca looked like Emily and that’s why she was sent to Port Charles?

I posed the question yesterday… Who likes Ethan Lovett? I appreciate the input. Some mentioned they liked him because he had no mob ties. Another poster liked that the character of Ethan has an air of mystery to him that has most stumped. And yet another DC member said they liked that Ethan MAY have ties to Luke and/or Robert. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not a fan of the character and couldn’t understand why so many online reports say he’s a hit with the fans and the execs. The mob… we’re all sick of the excessiveness of the mob but do we really know enough about Ethan to be certain he has no mob ties? In Guza’s world, everything leads back to the mob. The mystery… yes, the character of Ethan has a few of us stumped but is that enough of a reason to like the newbie? And finally, the possibility… the possibility that Ethan Lovett is a Spencer or a Scorpio. I’ve said it before, they better make my Ethan watching worth my time and the only way they could do that is by tying him to the Spencers or Scorpios. However, a word of caution… the way the Spencers are written, do we really want another Spencer? I’m hoping that Ethan turns out to be a Scorpio.


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Now the RUMORS… or is it Fanfic? Where are my General Hospital fans that are also Guiding Light fans? I may need a little help weeding through this one. There is some CHATTER that Ethan’s storyline MAY be similar to Jonathan’s on Guiding Light. This RUMOR/FANFIC says that Ethan doesn’t know who his father is, the most likely candidates being Robert and Luke. Here’s where the Guiding Light comparison kicks in. Now that Ethan’s met Luke Spencer, he’s pretty sure, this is daddy dearest but it looks like Ethan MAY not be in town to develop a fatherly bond with Luke. He’s there to exact a little revenge on dear old dad. What better way than to turn the charm on Lulu and string her along. SPOILER or ridiculous FanFic? And GL fans, can someone fill me in on what happened with Jonathan?

Is Jason and Sonny's reunion because they cut a deal? Could Sonny be willing to help find ZaCrazy only because he gets something from Jason in return? Don’t forget, SPOILERS say it is uncovered that Agent Rayner has ties to Equinox and the bad dudes. Sonny and Jason SHOULD be working together when this is all uncovered and Winnie SHOULD play a role. Will Sam? RUMORS have her working with them to locate ZaCrazy who turns up in Sonny’s living room holding Claudia as his hostage and teasing his daughter over her feelings for her husband. Sam should also be helping Sonny and Company with exposing Rayner’s ties thus getting Spinelli out of hot water with the Feds.

Say it isn’t so! I love me some Kirsten Storms (Maxie). I love her with Spinelli, I love her with Johnny, I love the little vixen she is and I love that she’s the character you love to hate but just can’t stop loving. WORD is, Ms. Storms has landed herself a pilot. According to the RUMORS, Kirsten had to pull out of a personal appearance due to the filming of the pilot. She’s a great actress and deserves to make advancements in her career but I love me some Maxie and cannot imagine General Hospital without Kirsten.


I’ve been a bitter Betty of a GH fan these days. So when I see a decent episode I must give credit. It’s only fair, right? Yesterday wasn’t half bad. Mainly because we saw more interpersonal relationships going on. The down point? And I am sure you will all think it’s because of my dislike of Sam but remember, I love Jason. The down point for me was Jason and Sam searching for Spinelli. I am over the stunt part of the crisis. We have been in this same day for far too long and I really cannot handle it anymore. Loved Robin, Mac, Sonny, Patrick, Nikolas, Maxie, Winnie and Johnny. Hell, I even liked the Claudia scenes. I’ve mentioned my lack of interest in NotEmily but I did see a glimpse of potential. I used to be a Days of Our Lives watcher and one of my favorite storylines was Princess Gina is Hope. IF General Hospital was to go down that route, I’d be all for it. Naturally, it would need to be written well and you all know I have very little faith in these writers. In terms of the Rebecca storyline, I like that her resemblance to Emily is right out there and not explained away in some ridiculous soap way. What I don’t care for is how Rebecca is being played.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Carly has a ... Carly and Jax have a plan. Will Olivia factor in? Ethan moves in with the Q’s after Tracy bails him and Luke out. What about the RUMORS that Tracy leaves Luke in the slammer? That MAY be happening when the two are arrested, again. Maxie stakes her claims on Spin, take that Winnie! Jason talks about Elizabeth and Jake. Sonny tells Kate he has no plans to dee-vorce Claudia. A husband saves his wife. Patrick and Robin take a look at Michael. The Q’s get some play as both Edward and Monica want to know more about Rebecca. Maxie’s dream episode will air on February 24th.


Kelly’s is reopening! YAY! Lucky suggests that Rebecca get a job as a waitress as the hospital will be under construction.

Bruce Weitz and ZaCrazy are heading out of Port Charles. SPOILERS say Anthony Zacchara is headed for the slammer. Weitz has expressed that he would most likely retire after he is done at GH but it looks like the actor wouldn’t be opposed to a return to Port Chuck.