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In Praise of Justin Deas


I've been a fan of Guiding Light'sJustin Deas (Buzz) for a long, long time.

I don't go back to his days as Bucky on Ryan's Hope, but I vividly remember him as Tom Hughes on As The World Turns (opposite his real life wife Margaret Colin as Margo) where he was brilliant. I watched him rise to legendary soap greatness as the morally bankrupt Keith Timmons on Santa Barbara. I've witnessed him transform Buzz an institution. I think I've seen every moment that has won him those 530 Emmy's he's picked up over the last couple of decades.

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In all that time, I do not think he has given as bold, raw or as an authentic a performance as he did during today's episode devoted less to the passing of Henry Cooper Bradshaw (John Driscoll) than it was to the complicated love of a father who felt he had failed his children, now faced with the wretched task of having to turn off the life support of one of his most beloved.

If ever the term "tour de force" were appropriate for an actor's work, this would be it. Instead of posting YouTube clips, this installment of GL and Deas' performance is best experienced as a whole. Check out the entire episode at CBS's official website here.

Hand Mr. Deas his 531st Emmy now.