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Erika Slezak Remembers Her Co-Stars

Erika Slezak's (Viki, One Life to Live) February newsletter has the Emmy winner's memories of her late co-stars, Clint Richie and Phil Carey.


What memories of Clint come to mind? You know at this point, you only remember funny and good things. We had a good time – we worked for 20 years and he was a very funny guy. We laughed a lot. He could be rude, he could be delightful, he could be obnoxious – you know, all of the things that all of us are. But I remember him being funny, and he was very warm. He was so good with the kids (Joey and Kevin). We started with John Paul Learn, and Ryan Janis – and he used to call them his little cowboys. And I had a lovely email from Erin Torpey [ex-Jessica] where she said he was a very warm and loving man – that's what she remembers very fondly.

Even though he (Phil Carey) had lung cancer and had been ill, was it a surprise? It was a surprise because he seemed to be doing well. I mean he was in the studio a little over a month ago taping that last thing. I had a long talk with Colleen on Saturday morning and she said he seemed to be doing fine and it was just the last two days that he went downhill. She said they had obviously been expecting it for three years because of the lung cancer. Last Thanksgiving, I think they told him the chemo wasn't working anymore. And so they were expecting it but when it happened – it happened so suddenly.

Be sure to read Erika's February 2009 newsletter for more on Clint and Phil as well as some fun facts about the Emmy winner and what's coming up next for Viki Davidson.

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